Haircuts For Pregnant Women Should Unite Style And Practicality

Experts give tips to keep the strands beautiful during pregnancy without harming the baby’s health

It is true that the human body undergoes constant changes throughout life, but the gestation period of a woman leaves this fact even more evident. In addition to the more obvious changes, like the increase in the womb and breasts, the hormonal variation and levels of vitamins also causes changes in the skin and hair of the mother-to-be.

“Some women notice a change in texture, brightness and volume of the hair during the pregnancy,” exemplifies the doctor dermatologist Dr. Juliana Spektor, Helena Costa clinic in Rio de Janeiro. Also associated with the increased hormonal activity, the scalp can produce greater oiliness.

Is to celebrate this moment in a symbolic way, to make the most practical personal care routine or to highlight even more the beauty of that stage, many women choose to perform capillary changes, you are very welcome, as long as you do not put the baby’s health at risk.

Practical Cuts Have Always Beautiful Hair

As more drastic procedures in the hair are vetoed at pregnant women, the change of the Court is the best way to improve the visual without taking risks. Although many women don’t open hand of long locks even during pregnancy, some shorter cuts may appear among the Favorites of many mothers mainly because of the convenience.

Straight Wire

According to therapist Sun capillary D’avila, of space Sun Family & Kids, from Rio de Janeiro, straight hair cuts are preferred of pregnant women who do not wish to give up the length. The biggest advantage of this style is the ease to trap wires without that they are leaking, which can leave the hectic routine or even personal care in the home stretch of pregnancy more agile.

Medium Short Bob

For women devotees of a more modern style, the Zaza Soares, the carioca Depil Z, is in average cutsor slightly above the shoulders disconnected, because “do not require the constant use of dryers and can be used in more misaligned,” he explains.


If the idea is to grab the practicality, Sun also recommends cuts of Chanel type, that can appear in the classic version, with more straight, or they can be modernized with light textures. “So when the wife wants to grow again, it won’t be with the misfits, with even more work to fix them at home,” suggests professional.

Hair Care Needed During Pregnancy

In addition to the changes caused by hormonal rates and vitamin, pregnant women also need to deal with restrictions on some hair procedures that take chemistry because it can provide the passage of heavy metals, such as lead, to the fetus through the placenta. The application of dyes should be avoided, especially during the first trimester, when there is still risk of fetal malformation, “advises Dr.Juliana Spektor.

“Recently, in Brazil, a study was carried out at the National School of public health in partnership with the National Cancer Institute that found that the use of tinctures during pregnancy can increase the chances of the baby develop leukemia until two years of age,” he adds.

Although these are the biggest concerns of pregnant women, there are still other aspects of hair that can bring trouble. “Pregnant women still need to hydrate the wires and take care of the oils to avoid the drop after the birth process,” recalls Sun D’avila. For this type of care, the dermatologist recommends the use of neutral and shampoos therapist complete capillary treatment with washes in cold water and applying anti-dandruff shampoos only fortnightly in the scalp.

These precautions help ensure beautiful hair and silky hair during pregnancy, but not cancel some habits that may be part of the deal with the wires at any time of life, as the maintenance of the Court every three months and the use of products with Sun protection factor.

However, it is worth remembering that none of this is useless if there is no balanced diet, rich in vitamins and essential minerals for healthy hair cycle, especially during this time so special.

3 Tips To Cover Outstanding Touches

To know which procedures must be avoided, check with the professional that will carry out the use of chemicals that cause oxidation, reduction or neutralization. In case of doubt, it is essential to consult your obstetrician.

For moms that were already devotees of the dyes or other chemical feel less uncomfortable with the growth of hair, Ana visagista, France Studio Eliete, of Rio de Janeiro, gives some tips to disguise the root:

  1. Accessories:adhere to the tracks, bows and fasteners with prints and different details helps get the attention of wires and cover them, even partially.
  2. Fasteners:bet on different hairstyles is one of the best ways to rediscover your hair and find new ways to use them both in everyday life and special occasions.As the new wires can have different textures of the remaining, vale misusing or gel sprays fasteners to hold them in place.
  3. staining canes:nowadays, there are several temporary colors options available on the market.The canes, lipstick, are preferred because they are easy to apply and can be loaded on scholarship with practicality.

6 Quick, Easy And Beautiful Hairstyles

Is to change some visual or simply to make the wires out of the way their movements or your vision, it is possible to develop various hairstyles cute without many secrets. Check out the 6 tips bloggers to tidy their own hair quickly!

  1. Side Braids By Ella Diniz

While she was pregnant with Olivia, Ella Diniz has shared in your YouTube channel a video that teaches you how to make the curls in their hair and reveals a trick for a hair style half-stuck with side braids. In the video, the quote comes the youtuber using vitamins for pregnant women recommended by your doctor helped improve the texture of your strands.

  1. Fringe Stuck With Volume By Helena Lunardelli

For hair of any length, and especially for those who have longer bangs, the tip of the blogger Helen Lunardelli is bet on the volume to create a more tidy in a practical way.

  1. Ponytails Halved By Lu Ferreira

Emphasizing that don’t know how to do hairstyles, the blogger of Boring cookie — who revealed in June this year (2015) that she’s pregnant — teaches you how to make two super easy hairstyles: a stylized, with the Middle stripe, and a variation of the volume of Helena Lunardelli, this with the loose fringe.

  1. Coke Doughnut By Raka Minelli

Showing different accessories, Blogger Raka Minelli, shortly after becoming mother of boy David, teaches you how to make the famous donut bun, which requires medium length to long hair.

  1. How To Use Scarf In Your Hair By Thais Farage

During pregnancy, the blogger Thais Farage shared in your YouTube channel a few different ways to wear a scarf in her hair. The tips are worth so much for those wishing to lock them as for those who prefer the loose threads.

  1. Princess Hairstyle By Lu Ferraes

For occasions that require more elaborate hair disposals, the blogger Lu Ferraes teaches you how to use braids for a Princess style. It is possible to adapt it to different lengths, just use locks at the time they reach the opposite side of the head.

Finally, it is worth remembering that each type of hair requires special care, so it is important that your doctor disagree with any kind of treatment you want to do; can also be valid to discuss with the professional who is accompanying your pregnancy if the products that you use are safe for the baby.For any procedure, it is recommended to look for hairdressers and trust prepared to deal with pregnant women.