H & M Comes in His Latest Lookbook Well Full of Trends of Season, We Can Not Complain

I understand that many of you cojáis her antipathy to H & M, that the quality of the clothing leaves much wish and her looks are copied and repeated over and over again, but you can not deny me, is that He knows how to operate between the trends of the season with an ease that many would like to and, with its seasonal lookbooks and your capsule collections, give a few turns of nut to the fashion world especially to low cost.

The new campaign that presented to us for the month of March It is a good example of this: current trends combined in a very subtle and current, with easy-to-implement sets and even copy and modify to adapt them to our personal style and above all, affordable if we prefer to sell quality to the economy. Whatever it is, it is worth a look.

The floral prints It is clear that they will be one of the strengths of this season. H & M is not far behind and combines them in all their clothes: shirts, shorts, accessories and even jackets. Well it is true that the chromatic range is something dark and off which allows us to put more color to the rest of the whole garment. And not only of floral man live: stripes for style navy, moles and box vichy for a touch more hipster or color blocks if what we want is to give life to the whole.

The Court has surprised us by being especially wide for than usual H & M: trenchs with trend oversized that you move this sentiment to the point shirts or even tweezers pants. The figures contrast enhances even more the chromatic games and power volumes in figure as we’ve been seeing in the rest of footbridges spring-summer 2014.

Do you like us? Personally Yes and much. I think the variety of clothing is always a point in favor of H & M and if they get up a concise and reliable way to transmit the trends of the moment, success is assured. Repeating summer patterns such as the preppy, classic nerd or the navy, It is difficult for a firm to fail but, in the case of H & M, not only do so but that it also trumps the rest.