Google Tablet for Ebola

Google gets once again available to the medicine with a tablet to aid physicians in contact with the Ebola virus

Consumer needs like us can be very different from those of other categories, fewer in number but no less important. Google proves to be attentive to these, producing a tablet that can be sanitized with special products.

Until now in fact the doctors at work on the Ebola virus were to enter designated areas for patients, write down the information on paper and then yell to colleagues outside the zone, destroying finally the sheets on which they had written. Definitely not a comfortable procedure and extremely prone to the risk of writing incorrect information, but fortunately now will no longer be required.

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The tablet is contained in a polycarbonate shell and can be dipped in chlorine to 10 minutes without suffering any damage. Eric d. Perakslis, a doctor from Harvard, is working with doctors without borders to make open-source design and be able to adapt to other diseases. Is certainly very pleased to see big companies make available their resources to help the medicine and hope that many others will follow the example.