Google Considers LG the Best Partner to Achieve Nexus Devices

The partnership between Google and LG was perhaps one of the most interesting and productive in the history of Nexus devices. The collaboration between the two giants has allowed us, in the past, to get their hands on devices as well and interesting as Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 and today with the arrival of Nexus 5 x, a terminal with several potential but that is perhaps a little too penalized because of a price not popular in our market.

Nevertheless, the family Nexus devices manufactured by LG are the ones who have been most successful among critics and audiences and the fact that they have been made well 3 terminals by the South Korean producer makes us understand that even Google can be particularly satisfied by the cooperation. This is more than a feeling, since during an interview for the Korea Times, Google claimed to have found in Samsung the best partners to work with.

The main reason for such satisfaction, according to Big G, lies in the fact that both companies adopt the same approach to the market of mobile devices and also engineering teams of the two companies can work as a unique and excellent team. Although these declarations cannot ensure with certainty that the partnership between the two companies will now continue with the next generation of Nexus, it is still highly likely that the relationship between the two giants is not going to cool down very soon.

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