Giorgio Armani Autumn/Winter 2014 / 2015: The Triumph of The Jacket in a Collection More Than Exquisite

I believe that everything I have seen so far, the collection that Giorgio Armani has presented for the season autumn-winter 2014 / 2015 has become my favorite and far beyond. The study that has made the jacket, studying their functionality and deconstructing it to redo different looks with Italian tailoring impregnated in each one Couture… It seems incredible to me.

A dark color palette but at the same time very gradual and soft which the knitwear benefit from clearer tones and the sartorial of the dark part. Contrasts of textures sparingly of the oversized and with a personal style that is impossible not to know that we have the great Giorgio Armani once more.

The 70 comfortable deconstructed jacket with his large shoulders becomes something more akin to the classic cardigan, taking it to the point with raglan shoulders and his sculpted torso. The result is an athletic male silhouette in which the spirit of sober oozes everywhere. Special processes have been used to achieve this, as the grinding, as well as Thermo adhesives and coatings.

Fabrics usually have a warm and comfortable environment, opting for a less rigid structure and emphasizing agile, voluble and comfortable. The color palette is a traditional range of male colors: dark sand, blue and Brown, all of them treated to achieve a effect flannel very flattering.

In the rest of garments, which allow the use of color without seeming very forced as it happens to jerseys, shirts, jackets and pants, There are light touches of Indian-inspired in the shiny Burgundy, jade green and mauve tones. The graphic effects are left aside to make way for a more considered structure and clear vision.

Shirt, often in white, It serves to humanize the general appearance of the set and also echoes in the range of accessories that serve to make this new form of dress more current, young and modern. No doubt a collection full of trends that will give much to talk about loaded with trends.