Galaxy 5, New (Weak) Items on Arrival in Europe in Early 2016

Samsung has launched a when booking your Galaxy 5 in Ukraine. The 32 GB version will sell the equivalent of about 800 euros and will be available in black and gold. At present, there are 64GB version information. Being reserved by 28 October you will receive a free battery.

They return to feed the hopes of those disappointed by Samsung commercial policy regarding its new flagship phablet, the Galaxy 5. As we know, the company decided not to market it in Europe (but we reviewed and analyzed the same), and declared afterwards that changes of direction were not expected in the immediate future.

Unofficially, though we have heard several times about a possible arrival of the device in the near future, specifically early 2016. This contention was supported today by a Romanian online portal. The tip would reach from an inside source affiliated with Samsung Romania, which holds that the Galaxy 5 will come on the captive market in contracts with local operators, as of January 2016.

These are all the information released: we don’t know what will be the options/variations, nor if in addition to Romania officially arrives in other European countries. Dim hopes, of course, at the time difficult to verify in a more concrete way, but better than nothing. Or not?

Samsung Galaxy 5 is available online from Amazon Marketplace at 580 euros or from ePRICE in 849 euro. The value for money is discreet. There are 8 better models.


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