Fuhu Nabi 2 Android 4.0 Tablet

The title of this article could indeed not apply just to all you readers, but unless you have a screen over 65 “we’re still in there.

We speak of the new Android tablet (misplaced name) of Fuhu, which in the past had grappled with something decidedly targeted at smaller, in a literal sense, but this time he outdid herself.Four models: 32, 43, 55, and 65 inches, called not surprisingly Big Tabs.

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The first two models are full HD with SoC Tegra K1 and 2 GB of RAM, while the two largest are even 4 k with the new NVIDIA Tegra X 1 just announced in Las Vegas, with 4 GB of RAM.Luckily, all four also function as regular TVs as well as a tablet, and have all required ports,HDMI in primis.

No details yet on price, we imagine, for these “Android TV”, which really aren’t of Android TV, but maybe aim more for particular uses (public buildings, shops etc.) rather than to the living room of our House