Flat Sandals Trend

The flat shoes are a must in the summer.
It’s finally time to put away the boots to make room for open sandals and low shot models with which to feel fresh and comfortable, features essential when the heat begins to be felt.
Quest ‘year sandals that will go to the highest are those with many laces to wrap the foot and ankle and redivive espadrilles.
the feet certainly thank although many argue that a small heel, about 3-5 centimeters, helps the spine and posture. As often happens, the fashion does not follow these requirements and goes about his business: this summer will be banned half-measures, or high heel and wedge sandals or mules, and very low.
The summer flat shoes are more and more enriching: embroidery, studs , fine fabrics.

The prevailing trend involving gladiator sandals with laces, sandals and espadrilles in ancient greece style for summer season. See http://www.shoefrantics.com/2017/10-sandals-for-summer/.
Other major trends that continue this winter representing them even in summer low shot version shoes are the shoes with glitter and metallic lists.

It is not true that the low shoe is stylish, everything is in the combination and in the choice of the most suitable models.
Even celebrities are embracing this style and you can see out without heels at every opportunity, even on the red carpet.

The metallized there still accompany long. The metal summer shoes will give a bright touch to a day outfits but the night will shine under the moonlight.
Even models with glitter prefer evening look, but no one forbids us to indossarne a couple during the day maybe paired with a nice jeans fabric.

The models that reflect the style of footwear of ‘ ancient Greece are usually dyed leather or metallic colors and are perfect under denim shorts and dresses to the knee.

The real macro trends, however, are the laces. Not only slave sandals with straps around the ankle but also wrap the instep. Do not pull the laces soft but leave them to prevent the sausage effect with the heat is always around the corner. Perfect with capri pants, match well with shorts and skirts below the knee pants.

Some years are back in fashion espadrilles and some of the fashion houses have also offered with all-rubber sole.
The origin of espadrilles is to be found in the Pyrenees, are canvas footwear with a sole made ​​of braided jute rope. Those natural cord still considered to be the best because they allow the foot excellent breathability.

Do not worry of your height in shoes the important thing is to feel comfortable!