Find the Perfect Material, Style and Size of Countertop for Your Kitchen

Without them, the practicality in the kitchen is practically nil. In the bathrooms and toilets, they work as an organization element. And in the gourmet area, they are practically mandatory item. Countertops are essential and, knowing this importance, the market is investing heavily to innovate, find new materials and make this customized to the environment. Want to know more? Then check out the materials that are currently trend in kitchens and washrooms. So here we list the advantages and possible disadvantages of each of them to guide their choices. The first is the stainless steel, which has the strengths hygiene and durability, as well as maintenance. Top when it comes to industrial kitchen, since it allows, in one piece, the full bench with trash, tub and pediment, he is weak just because they scratch easily. But if this is not problem for you, invest in the right because it is resistance. The tile is another material very popular because, overall, it’s economical, it is necessary to make all the base structure in masonry. But be careful! Being sensitive, there is a series of observations, such as handling (to avoid riot) and care on a daily basis. Also, the grout needs to be well thought out because, otherwise compromises the visual result. The Silestone, Marmoglass and Techinostone, called compound marbles, are some of the most widely sought.

Unique appearance, modern design, with a variety of colors and structures, elegance, high strength and maintenance definitely deserve attention, because it brings uniformity in the overall look of the kitchen and are among the most resistant. All beauty and technology require more investment, because these materials are also top in the item cost. Another famous is the Nanoglass. It is a high-tech industrial material obtained through selected raw materials. Resistant, easy maintenance, no porosity, which prevents stains, wins neutrality, allowing play with the decoration, also requiring good investment. In the world of stones, like marble, granite also comes as one of the darlings and supply of textures, colors and shades is enhanced by having enough variety in the Brazilian market. The cost is not high and maintenance is practical. The disadvantage is that it is necessary criterion for the choice of material. Always remember that dark stones can leave visually smaller kitchen and runs the risk of regret in look. Finally, the woods are capable of giving warmth, heat and delivering an elegant rusticity. Easy to install, require no adjustments, usually perform well moisture, they are treated and prepared in addition to its strong feature “ECO” and its adherence to vats of support, semi fitting and overlap.

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