Find Suitable Blinds for Your House

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To seal lighting, ensure comfort and help in setting composition are just some of the functions of the blinds. Versatile blinds can be installed in different rooms of the house. So you know the right model for room, we separated some very interesting tips. Write down everything, choose the most suitable model for your space and do not think twice before purchasing the product here in Leroy Merlin. Even in the online store.

Blinds for rooms

Bet on blinds with blackout effect when necessary, completely blocking the light entering the room. One of the models that most are successful in this environment is the Custom Roller version, which provides an elegant look thanks to its open mode: when the lateral cord is triggered, the blind rises horizontally, creating folds in the fabric. Here you will find these and other models with captive conditions of payment.

Room blinds

You can opt for the traditional Roman blinds, model that allows better control of light and that due to its shape; it helps to convey the feeling of spaciousness to the environment. Take the opportunity to buy blinds right now by the devastating price of Leroy Merlin.

Kitchen blinds

The watchword is practicality. Therefore, the bet must be in a PVC louver, easy to clean material – essential feature for an environment that is exposed to moisture and fat. You can install a horizontal model, allowing natural ventilation and lighting. Do not miss the chance to take the product right now for home!

These blinds are not so washable not indicate to Bath, because the cleaning and maintenance are more difficult and can spoil with the humidity. Indicate only the Horizontal model even aluminum.

Shutters for bathroom

Stay with aluminum louver, which is resistant to moisture, easy to clean and does not accumulate dirt. In this environment, it is also important to rely on a product that ensures privacy. So, opt for versions as the horizontal aluminum blinds, manufactured model solar screen to protect against the sun.

Are you interested? Check out the various models and prints and buy now!

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