Fenix TK75 Rechargeable Flashlight Review

Continuous innovation, constant research of market demand, pushed the Fenix Light to achieve ever more efficient and innovative lighting products, characterized by a level of quality components and construction hardly found in the models of other competitors. From 2008 this company has become the global market Leader, through the production of a wide range of models, from entry level right up to professional models.

The model that we review today is the FENIX TK75 and belongs to professional range of models that offer the best possible performance. This flashlight has some important dimensions, because long is 18.5 cm long and weighs just over half a kilogram, excluding batteries. The first thing that catches your eye is the fact that this torch has a classical design, a reassuring and rugged, characterised by a very large head and that clearly stands out from the rest of the body. The grip allows for optimum grip, which ensures a safe and manageable than this model.

Top performance

The FENIX TK75 was built having in mind the quality: all components have been carefully selected and are of an excellent standard. Again, this is used in aeronautical anodised for durability to falls. The head contains the LEDs and has a system that allows an optimal forwarding of the light beam, through three slots that make converge the focus point. The choice of LEDs is round 2, with Cree XM model LU-estimated life of over 50 thousand hours like Fenix RC40 (more on http://www.zephyrledlights.com/2017/01/02/fenix-rc40-flashlight-review/).

Six modes of intensity available to the user: the minimum level of 18 lumens, the maximum level is incredible, reaching the impressive value of ben 2600 lumens. This data is certified by ANSI-NEMA, i.e. from the American international body specialising in measuring the efficiency of LED lighting, which is the world’s foremost authority in this area.

The FENIX TK75 is easily transportable and size comparable to that of other torches, but what makes the difference is the extraordinary power of the light beam.

The Sturdy aluminum enclosure has enough space to accommodate two different commands, of which the first one allows the switching on and spegmimento, while the second is used to set the power level. Throughout the output levels are 6, and they are:

  • 18 Lumens
  • 400 Lumens
  • 1100 Lumens
  • 2600 Lumens
  • Strovo
  • Emergency S.O.S.

The standard equipment includes a wrist strap, convenient to carry the torch and keep from losing it and prevent it from slipping and falling on the ground, and become damaged.

Maximum visibility in all circumstances

The depth of field secured is outstanding, with a beam of light that readily crosses the 600 meters deep, a ridiculously high value for this type of product. The FENIX TK75 can be supplied with two different types of batteries. Do you need or four rechargeable Li-ion 18650 CR123A 3V lithium, or eight always.

Keep in mind that, at the time of purchase, you will need to order separately batteries, too, because they are not included in the sales package. To know that there is also a special additional Kit, which allows you to extend battery life, resulting in an increase of autonomy allowed.

That said, cnosidera that the autonomy is already very high by using the standard configuration, providing nearly 200 hours of continuous use. This is a professional torch in every respect, starting already from its selling price which on average is higher than other models. But rest assured, it is money well invested, because this model will give you many satisfactions both for hobby use, for walking, hiking, exploring, hunting, fishing, etc; But even for professional use, where the FENIX TK75 works best in situations where control operations are essential.