Fenix TK45 High Performance Flashlight

On 12 March 1898 English David Misell invented the first flashlight and a year later, in 1899, he sold his patent to the American Electrical Novelty & Manufacturing Company. The invention of Misell much has changed over time, until it was perfected by each brand according to various needs taken into account.

In 2005 was born the Chinese company of Fenix (Phoenix, which in Chinese means perfection), the first to establish itself in the field of LED flashlights world wide. The English name is very significant. Fenix, in fact is an English word that for Chinese tradition has an important meaning: it means “perfect thing”. This mark is responsible for the creation of many lighting fixtures with high quality standards, in particular the production of the development of high performance LED flashlights. I’m over fifty years that this company produces high quality flashlights.

Fenix LED flashlights can be used both for those who perform professional jobs both for those who like camping or leisure activities or even military applications.

Characteristics of flashlight FENIX TK45

This model of FENIX TK45 was made with a very resistant material: aircraft aluminum T6 running with a triple company Cree XP-G R5 LEDs with a lifespan measured around 50,000 hours.

The torch is also made up of three individual heads, which are meant to distribute heat effectively and optimal LEDs (much more than conventional systems).

You can also benefit from 4 types of light output if you choose to purchase this flashlight and each of them will allow you to optimize its use and consumption of the battery.

You will also find ways to illuminate. You can select the Turbo mode which has an output of 760 Lumen and a 2-hour autonomy, that Low with a minimum output of 8 lumens and a 232-hour battery life, the Mid mode, that is, a power of 95 lumens and 22 hours of battery life and High mode with an output of 6.5 hours battery life 312 Lumen. There is also the Classic mode Strobe and S.O. S. that you use in emergencies.

You can select different output mode by clicking on the part between the head and the neck of the FENIX TK45 LED flashlight. Alongside the torch, instead, there will be the on/off button.

At the time of purchase, you will find in the packaging, besides your LED flashlight FENIX TK45 also a convenient string (very resistant because made with excellent material), which will allow you to carry anywhere the product to your wrist without damaging it during any tours or preventing it from falling and accidental knocks. The great power of the torch also has let have a depth of up to 200 meters.

According to GARYFLASHLIGHTS, the power of the flashlight FENIX TK45 can take place via ben 8 AA alkaline batteries 1.5 V. the latter will last that depends on the use that you make of the torch. If you choose a very high brightness, their lifetime will obviously be less. In General, they range from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 232 hours.

The characteristic of impermeability of the torch makes it safely usable outdoors or its use under water to a maximum depth of 3 meters (remember that you will have the opportunity to immerse it for only 30 minutes at most).

The modest size of the torch will make easier its portability in the places that you are more comfortable (backpack or bag, etc.). They are about 5.6 x 20.2 cm and the weight of the torch is too low: it is very light, weighs only 224 grams without batteries.

Given the affordable torches, it is assumed that this model of flashlight has various accessories, but the Fenix still won’t disappoint in the quality of its product.

The flashlight FENIX TK45 can be used by professionals as firefighters, police and Carabinieri, but is also useful for those who love hiking, camping, hunting or fishing periodically play and love to immerse themselves in the deeper nature, where the electricity hasn’t polluted the environment. Thanks to its serial number, you can also easily track her down!