Fenix TK35 High Performance LED Flashlight

The LED flashlight is now one of those objects in any home may be missing. In fact, it is not just a tool by professionals or by workers as security guards running daily in dark places (think even the guardians of beaches that run into the darkness under the noise of the waves, checking if any intruder go against the rules).

You may encounter many situations in which the use of LED flashlight is almost indispensable (sudden lack of current for a failure or bad weather, for example http://incredibleflashlight.com/2016/12/07/niteye-led-flashlight/).

One of the best known companies in the world for the production of professional torches is the Fenix. Ten years ago the Fenix is a world leader in this field and on the market has an unquestionable success than many other products. This success is due to the quality of items offered for sale and continuous attention to the production of each model.

The technology of LED flashlights Fenix is updated from time to time, is of last generation and ensures product life perspective rather high (depends always of course by the use to which it is). In particular the model Fenix TK35exceeds all expectations and will never disappoint the customer who will not buy it (after doing an exam are aware of your requirements). Its unique features they won’t regret your choice depending on the sale price.

Characteristics of Fenix TK35

Although apparently the torch might seem very small in size (size in only 16 cm length) it has incredible power.Even the design to consider: flashlight Fenix TK35 is entirely made of 7075 T6. This is a flashlight built for tactical use that works with a kind of model XM-Cree LED L2.

This LED provides over 50,000 hours of service. The American Institute for LED lighting control ANSI-NEMA offers 6 different light outputs ranging from a minimum flow of 15 lumens for a maximum of 900 lumens (this represents a record for this category of torches).

With the button in the back you can turn off and turn on the flashlight whenever you need them and, finally, will allow you to put the torch in spot mode. Next to this there is also another button that lets you choose the 6 types of light output (like the strobe and the s.o.s. signal).

With this model you will find: the flashlight FENIX TK35, cordura sheath (to attack the torch to the belt or belt) and a convenient string very resistant made with good materials to stick to the same torch (so as to prevent it from falling by accident or damage its operation for impact. ‘Ll find replacement buttons.

The power that comes with this flashlight FENIX TK35 is great because it allows her to have a depth of field that arrive even at a distance of 380 metres well. You can also apply to two different models of flashlight batteries: two 18650 Li-ion or four lithium CR123A (however you must purchase these separately from the torch since you have provided).

It is the power of this model which makes it one of the most professional used primarily by those who hold jobs such as firefighters, police officers and police. But can be very useful for those who want to make a camp site, a simple trip to the countryside or does it take hunting or fishing.