Enjoy a Relaxing Bath in Small Bathroom

It is the solution for those who have a small bathroom, since it replaces the shower and helps optimize space. Learn more about the piece and do not miss the opportunity to acquire it at the lowest price on the market

Compact bathroom is no longer an obstacle for those wishing to rely on the benefits of hydro massage. Currently, there are several available products that fit small places, such as shower with vertical hydromassage. It has water outlet at the top, as in a shower, and the side frame provides comfort massage while bathing. Some models even offer therapeutic functions such as chromo therapy (treatment that uses colors to restoring the emotional and physical balances).

The single-lever operation allows the cold water outlet and, therefore, to have hot water, you need to install some type of heater (solar or gas, for example) – as the product also lacks electrical resistance. It is important to note that there is no need to make any reform to install the shower with vertical hydro massaged, as it replaces the traditional showers. However, even a simple installation needs the help of a professional.

Be aware of also the water pressure of your house. Ideally, the MCA (Water Column Metro) is of at least 8 meters. If your home does not comply with this prerequisite, do not worry: just install a pressurizer to increase the pressure.

Have you noticed that Leroy Merlin has everything you need for a relaxing bath, right? Buying products here, you still save. After all, we assume the commitment of the lowest price in the market. Enjoy!

Save water

Check out the tips here!

-Put Buckets in the box to capture the bath water and use it to give discharge and wash the yard;

-Turn off the shower while you soaping; Take quick baths;

-Make sure your shower or shower with vertical hydro presents no leak.

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