Dolce Vita Collection Wedding Dresses

Who among us has not chosen a dress through the pages of a magazine or passing a showcase because exalted forms of model or mannequin? And how many times has it happened then having to admit with regret not seeing that same desired effect on our body? But the disappointment for one dress can become a real problem for those who are struggling with the

choice of wedding dress and a few extra pounds to hide between veils and tulle, also because of our obsession of not seeing each other never quite thin! The solution is to find the ideal dress in a collection of wedding dresses for plus strong dedicated and designed specifically to meet the needs of the most curvaceous brides.

The idea of a collection of wedding dresses for plus-size stems from the need to satisfy the desire of pregnant woman (go to feel beautiful every day, especially in the more important.  For this there are many atelier Couture who devote entire collections for bridal gowns for plus sizes, like the case of Protagonists Newlyweds in Rome, posing for Wedding Line 2013 la Dolce Vita collection: a line dedicated to future and buxom wives!

Collection of plus size wedding dresses you can find the model that fits your tone ‘ ’cause it’s Bridal gowns made to redraw the lines of an oversized physique, emphasizing the curves more sensual and hiding some flaw. And if a template is there any justice, then it’s not the wedding dress more suited to you.

Favorite choice in a wedding dress with a very simple line to elongate the silhouette and taper the waist. The result is even more effective if you choose a bustier with boning or semi-rigid fabric capable of restoring your hips a restraining effect. To enhance the decoltee choose a neckline V-shaped or horseshoe-shaped to highlight the generosity of your most sensual forms. For the skirt, instead, preferred models are those stretched and straight, enriched with some layer of tulle to balance figure.

But the advice to follow do not end there. You can vary the color, the better the shades of beige, on underwear and even on shoes. So it’s always ideal to go in an atelier specialising, as winged Protagonists Newlyweds with his Dolce Vita collection, and choose a model in the collection plus sizes being advice from qualified staff to solve any dissatisfaction and looking in the mirror met its size down conquistata effortlessly!