Do It Yourself: Little Boxes to Organize Drawers!

I’ve always had a drawer of mess, but, lately, almost all of them fit in that category. I started organizing the underwear drawer right, left for t-shirts I will show soon and I went to the office.

My office has several messy drawers, but the first … Ah, the first drawer. It’s always a mess! This not only a burden on time to find what I wanted, as was also an incentive to play everything on top of the desk that top drawer. She just broke any organization scheme. In one of my favorite blogs, I found a quick and practical solution, a project that I could start and finish in minutes love it! little boxes of paper.

Jen, author of the blog IHeart Organizingexplained properly how to make the boxes in that post. Look that easy.

I’ll explain to you step by step on her and add the changes I made to the boxes become more resistant.

First of all, I glued the scrapbooking paper in paper craft to make it more resistant (do not recommend, was very wrinkled. Prefer a rougher paper).

  1. Start with a square paper.
  2. Fold it in half twice to get 4 equal parts. Open the paper again.
  3. Fold the corners toward the center of the paper.
  4. See how it looks.
  5. Fold one of the sides to the center.
  6. Fold the opposite side to the center.
  7. Open the part leaving only two corners to the center.
  8. Repeat the fold on both sides left, folding them towards the center (the other sides are unfolded
  9. See how it looks. (In this step, I open the entire sheet and card paper rectangles pasted the parts that will form the side of the box. This left the boxes far more resistant)
  10. Fold one end over, using the marks made in steps 5 and 6.
  11. Add the internal folds.
  12. Fold the flap over the internal folds and forms a side of the box.
  13. Repeat on the opposite side and create the other side of the box.
  14. Tuck the folds until the box be retained.
  15. There’s your box!

After having 6 boxes ready, distribute the best way in the drawer. I needed space for my Epson LabelWorks left side free and gave proper.

Now everything has a spot. I like how the boxes are versatile and can change their function at any time. Best of all is that you can coordinate the colors, let colorful, do all white. Anyway, the choice is yours!

How about try it now at your house?