Different Types of Hammers and Their Uses

Also known as breakers, the hammers are a type of crusher which serve to drill and break concrete and ceramic construction or maintenance of any size. They are used to demolish concrete columns, beams and floors, open caneletas for passage of tubing and drill concrete asphalt.

Although many believe that it has the same purpose as the drill, the gavel is more efficient in drilling concrete, because the impact produced by it is raised by a pneumatic electric engine, the piston exerts a compression of air which is transmitted indirectly to the drill. This provide it better productivity, absorb impact and also allows the lowest use of force in carrying out the work.

There are two types of market gavel:

– Punch: It is used for drilling wood, steel and synthetic materials without impact by the percussion lock, using cylindrical drills and optional accessories: axle adapter and conventional mandrel;

– Breaker: It is used to break more easily concrete. In addition to the previous model drilling work, the current models has a function mechanisms golpeador built-in electronic speed control to adjust the percussive force.

It is important to avoid the practice of pre-drilled hole, as it may compromise the drill centering and the stability of the tool, causing risk to the safety of the person who will install.

The replacement drill used in the drill may end up destroyed. For best performance, each change of accessories rotary hammers and breakers is indicated lubricating grease contact between the accessory and door-drill. It is important to keep drills and chisels in good condition.

There are two types of drills as follows:

– SDS Plus: hammers are up to 15kg (varying according to the size of the socket gavel)

– SDS Max: hammers are above 15kg

If the tool is used properly, it will provide security, speed and convenience.

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