Difference Between Thermal Acoustic Insulation

Invest in ceiling insulation products, found in different versions

House with cozy and quiet environments is no longer a distant dream. You get these benefits with a few simple tricks, such as installing products for ceiling insulation. The online shop also guarantees unbeatable prices and best payment terms. You will not miss, right?

Thermo acoustic insulation

Two in one product: in addition to the insulation of heat and cold, it also ensures acoustic lock. You can use it on slabs of roofing and drywall linings. By purchasing this version of insulation, you can save electricity. After all, equipment such as air conditioning and heaters do not need to be always connected for stable temperatures.

Thermal insulation

There are some types of heat insulating material, as made ​​of glass wool, suitable for new roofs. There are versions in aluminum, which also ensure optimal thermal comfort to the environment. At the time of purchase, remember to check the m² capacity that the product covers.

Scotch tape

Suitable for installation at the seams, the tape is made ​​of aluminum and thermoplastic film. In addition to thermal insulation, the product ensures the seal against water infiltration and blocks the entry of dust and other dirt in indoor environments.


Applied both slabs as in other types of coverage, the ink for thermal comfort is able to reduce to 7°C environments, thanks to their technology – which are able to prevent the sun’s rays converted into heat.


Available in materials like wood (type tougher) and glass wool, the panels can be applied to small, medium and large buildings. Easy to install, this product helps reduce the heat exchange between the internal environments with the external. It also reduces the use of air conditioners equipment.

Thermal blanket

Product consists of two aluminum surfaces and a foam barrier which prevents the passage of heat to indoor environments. During the cold, the thermal blanket holds the output from the heat and allows the temperature stability.


Effective to reduce the passage of heat and cold, the felt is composed of glass wool, lightweight and easy to cut. Directly installed on the roof, this product ceiling insulation prevents the temperature variation and ensures thermal comfort.

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