Chromebook Convertible Tablet

In 2013 we made the acquaintance of Chromebook Pixels, of which a new version was announced in March this year. However, it seems that Google now has new plans for line Pixels, plans that do not provide for Chrome OS, but Android.

According to a source that colleagues of AndroidPolice deem reliable, Google will launch later this year the Pixel C, a convertible tablet from 10.2 sec with external keyboard based on Android Marshmallow.

Judging from the first rumors, features include a 10.2 inch display “with a pixel density of 308 ppi and an optimal backlight from 500 nit, quad core processor, 3 GB of RAM and NVIDIA GPU X 1 LPDDR4 Maxwell. Also, seems to be a finger with LEDS at the back, which will indicate the percentage of charge remaining.

Expectations are to see a metal body and design: a bit like the current Chromebook Pixels (with a USB Type-C), but without keyboard included. About the keyboard, apparently you can choose between two variants of the accessory, one aluminum and one in the skin, both connected to the tablet and that the recharge automatically.

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Finally, it is important to remember that although it would be for all purposes of an Android tablet produced by Google, no mention of a product Nexus: there will be no third producer behind, but only BigG.

It is, in short, a new type of product, which perhaps gives a nod to buyers seeking a middle ground between mobile and desktop, some iPad-style Pro and Microsoft Surface.

It is unclear whether this tablet will be presented tomorrow together with line Nexus, but it is highly likely considering that during the event we will make the acquaintance of Marshmallow and that the Pixel C should come to market later this year.