Choosing the Right Exercise Equipment

How Well Equipped to Play Sports?

The Reasons to Choose a Fit Equipment

The resolution to get back to sport is confirmed! Now he must choose his battle dress. This will help us “sporter” effective … or at least we make the sport easier and save us give up. But especially for Djibrine Fall-Telemachus (trainer and coach and full contact kickboxing) well equipped to do sports avoids annoyances like injuries or blows cold. And good news, today it is no longer necessary to invest in a brand of basketball when doing sports. For fifty euros, there are sports facilities completely “safe” for our feet.

The Sneakers, Primordial

Whether a beginner or advanced, which hounds indoors or outdoors, have a good pair of sneakers has adapted its morphology is the first thing to consider. This is our weight that will define the necessary cushioning of basketball. With a shoe with an insufficient cushioning, you risk injury to the knee levels, tendons and back.

So do not hesitate to seek advice from a dealer that will guide us toward the basket that fits us best.

The 5 Commandments of the Perfect Outfit for Sports

If there is no standard list for choosing the right sports equipment, according Djibrine Fall-Telemachus, it must still be in his gym bag some essential.

– A good pair of basketball

– Good socks obviously go together, they help to maintain the feet

– A sudden wind when practicing an outdoor sport activity (jogging, tennis …)

– A sportswear with light fabrics, breathable and anti-perspirants

– And when it’s a woman, a sports bra supports to keep the chest; see more at


When Technology Becomes a Full Sports Equipment

Sports facilities also were influenced by technology. Obviously, there are ultra sharp accessories like the tennis racket connected Balobat but more simply, you can download all of our smartphone app which as a virtual coach helps us measure trends and performance.

And of course, we do not forget the bracelets online.