Chinese Table: Meet The Oriental Technique To Find Out The Sex Of Your Baby

Understand how the Association of mother’s age with the month of conception can define whether the child will be female or male

When looking at the positive pregnancy test, a lot of things go through your head of future dads. The reform of the room, how life will change, as will the labour and the main one: is it a boy or a girl?

In popular culture there are numerous sympathies and techniques that teach you how to find out the sex of the baby and even how to choose it. Although there is no scientific proof, when curiosity is large, the couple uses them in order to find out the sex of the baby.

One way to accomplish this is by using the discovery Chinese table. It is believed that by combining lunar age of mother and the month of conception, which is the month in which the woman was pregnant, it is possible to find out if mom is expecting a boy or a girl.

The Chinese table is known as an Eastern tradition where it is possible to find out the sex of the baby, considering the age of the mother and the month the baby was conceived.

The table exists for over 700 years and tradition says that she was buried in a tomb of a Royal family of China. Currently the original table is at the Beijing Institute of science. In the countries of the East, the use is widespread and it is estimated that the set index can reach 93%.

First, the woman must discover your lunar age, which is the age of when she got pregnant with 1.Attention: for women with birth in January or February there is no need to add 1 to the age. For example: A woman who was born on 7/11/84, in full 30 2014 years. So, if she get pregnant this year, your lunar age is 31.

Now, if the woman was born in the months of January and February is not necessary to add 1. For example: a woman who was born on 1/29/87, in full 27 year 2014. If she gets pregnant this year, your lunar age is 27, because the sum of a is not required.

After discovering the lunar age is to know in which month the woman was pregnant. With this data in hand you can check table cross between the lunar age and month of conception. The letters’m ‘ and ‘ H ‘ in the table indicate woman and man respectively.

So, get to work! If you can’t take the curious, see the table that is available below and see what the Chinese tradition says: it will be a girl or boy? Remembering that these tests are not scientifically proven and are based on Chinese tradition, but it’s worth a try, isn’t it?

In the case of Pamela Chandra, pregnant, today with 23 years, Chinese table worked for the first daughter she awaits: “gave me super right the history of Chinese table. I got pregnant in September with 22 years and my birthday in January, so I don’t need to add 1, looked at age 22 column, next month I got pregnant “September” and the result was a little girl. With 18 weeks of pregnancy, through a common ultrasound, I discovered that my Lorena was on his way. What happiness! ”

Golam would like to have a boy and planned the pregnancy according to Chinese table: “when you decide to get pregnant, read a lot on the internet tips on how to have a boy and talking with a friend about my research she presented me the Chinese table. I found the table on a website and I decided to do the math to see what sex the baby possibly would have if it were “planned”. The following month, when the table pointed to boy, I had no doubts and prepared myself to get pregnant. Four months later confirmed the sex of the baby and for fun and curiosity I showed several friends who had already had their children and the table hit the vast majority. Now 4 years later I’m making use again of the Chinese table who knows a girl. ”

Mari is another mom who also had success by using the table. “My name is Marilene Marchesin Raja, I have 32 years and am Arindam’s mom 4 years. I met the Chinese table in 2009, when planned the pregnancy of Maria Eduarda, through co-workers. At the time two people have told me that the table had worked. The first was the mother of a girl and the second was the father of two girls. As I really wanted to be a mother, I consulted the table and used as a reference so that my husband and I started trying to get pregnant. When I got pregnant, all other games made to find out the sex of the baby along, boy except Chinese table. With 5 months we found out the sex: the little girl who I wanted. Point for the Chinese! ”

If you are curious to know the sex of the baby or do you still want to plan the coming of a boy or a girl, use the Chinese table, but never forget that this is not a scientifically proven method and does not have 100% chance of being correct. Serves only as a fun joke to try to kill the curiosity of fathers and mothers.