Children’s Furniture Collections

The bedroom has always been not only the place where our children have to sleep, but mostly the place to play, Frolic, live. That is why it is important to organize the space in the best way possible, perhaps thinking to the future.

Children's Furniture Collections

One of the brands specialize in furniture for childhood is Our site that suggests the right solution by providing a wide range of children’s furniture with a variety of styles and colors. Unique décor with shapes and colors, but also products that are safe and easy to use. You can find a large assortment of beds, changing tables, chests of drawers and cabinets, baths, colours and favorite fantasy: a cute Teddy bear, happy Turkey chicks, soft pastel colors, classic colors or joyous, original lines or rounded, soft forms and much more.

The furniture for children’s bedrooms at are made with safe materials and each product is designed with the utmost attention in respect of mother and child. Below we illustrate some!

Beautiful children’s bedrooms that fly on the wings of imagination, beautiful and safe in every form, perfect in every detail. A lively, colorful, stimulating because the color is a very important element for the growth of the child are the Collections “stripes and polka dots” and “Confetti”. – Precious, strong, elegant, are the collection “Toyland” and “sweet” bear “(the cover), the rooms of wonders that evoke memories of childhood, the taste of the most valuable things made with patience and love.

The collection “Chickie” offers unusual rounded shapes to explore. A place where your child will discover cute pets and cheerful colors. The paints are non-toxic and decorations are handmade.

And finally the collection “Tati” for children from 0 to 14, furniture that change form and function accompanying the child from the early days until adolescence. All products are entirely made in Italy with the guarantee of the brand Lazzari brand Our site.