Chameleon Color Adapting LWP

Chameleon Color Adapting LWP is exactly as described by the title. A Live Wallpaper that changes the background color according to the surrounding environment, just like a chameleon, using the frame of the camera.

So incredibly amazing, aiming the camera, for example, on a wooden wall, the colors of your homescreen will resume the same hue and so on. This Live Wallpaper allows you to spice up your home screen based on what surrounds you. Everything happens in real time, without slowdowns and above all without impacting too much on battery life.

You can choose from different styles and forms that will animate the different screens, or select the random option, which will allow you to change them whenever you place a tap on the screen.

Often the colors chosen by the application will be more than one, creating liveliness among the forms in a completely fluid and natural, thanks to the camera.


  • Adaptation of real-time background colors, inspired by Material Design
  • Optimized for not consuming too much battery
  • A widget will allow you to further customize the colors
  • Smooth animation using OpenGL libraries 2
  • Practice preview function
  • Purely minimalist style and design