CCTV System

Today, with the increase in robberies and attempted theft and trespassing, the cctv system have come to acquire a wide acceptance and demand of the general public. In a way, it can be said that the cctv is regarded as a weapon of great value in helping in the fight against crime.

CCTV System

But not only. Begins to be had as well as the most effective deterrent electronic mechanism for theft and vandalism. To your versatility allows the cctv to be seen as security support, but the cctv begins also to be regarded as important in the management of spaces, thanks to your ability to be remotely managed and to be able to control at a distance all activity under surveillance cctv.

CCTV solutions adjuvants in preventing assaults

Constitution of the systems cctv

Cctv systems are made up of video surveillance cameras and video servers. These allow monitor and also record areas under electronic surveillance (Learn about surveillance definitions at, either remotely, either via the Web.

The cctv systems allow, moreover, incorporate night vision, computer-assisted operations and even motion detection.

But today the cctv systems are more sophisticated still and the CCTV can have other applications. It is no longer a single monitoring system. Evolved into areas such as facial recognition, the recognition of license plates of vehicles or road surveillance.

In this sense, the cctv is no longer applied merely for the purposes of security or surveillance. The cctv is also used in surprising areas such as laboratories, schools or private companies, in the medical field or in the monitoring of fauna and flora, as well as in the monitoring of the topography and the weather.

These cctv systems require only a tape recorder with a hard disk, you may receive information from up to 16 cameras. The cctv can record continuously 12:00 am a day, or write according to a timetable by the user. The cctv can even record only when there is movement.

For your part, the registration of cctv recordings can be accessed by the user of an intuitively or through direct access on the site or through internetaccess, using a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Why should we adopt preventive behaviour the pair using cctv ?

Given the wide range of promising applications of cctv systems, it is no wonder that the British police have recommended to citizens of the United Kingdom the acquisition of systems of cctv as a way to help police in identifying criminals through facial recognition.

Already in Portugal, in 2013, occurred more than 22000 thefts in homes, making these the 5 most common crime of almost 370,000 crimes reported to the authorities. These are worrisome numbers. Why adopt a preventive behavior, the basis of any minimally effective protection.

We must adopt behaviors in preventing assaults the residences?

  • Be sure to close always the front door. On the other hand, give the impression that the house is inhabited by leaving blinds or shutters climbs. But when go out make sure all doors and Windows are closed. If you have to leave for a longer period, always ask a neighbor to open and close blinds or curtains and lights.
  • Keep your mailbox clean.
  • Ask also for a neighbor to go picking up the mail and advertising left in the mailbox. To this end, promote neighborhood relations. Remember that, in a condominium, the collaboration is an essential factor for the protection of all.
  • Keep the door of the building closed. Establish this rule. Thus, the strangers will not so easily.
  • When entering or exiting the garage, wait until the automatic gate is completely closed. Many intruders take advantage of this moment to invade the property.
  • Always keep all entrances well lit. Avoid shadow areas and, if I can avoid it, take care.
  • Invest in a cctv system with tape and put it with access doors, entrance hall, garages and elevators. Will increase so extraordinarily the your protection against intruders.
  • Put visible warnings alerting you to the building is monitored with cctv recording.

Finally, accompany, in sites of the PSP or the GNR, the last-minute sections. You will find information usually alerting to new tricks used during intrusions and robberies.

Join always a robbery that has been targeted, even if the perpetrator has not been successful. The collaboration is important for your own public safety entities.