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How to Keep Children’s Room Tidy and Organized

Keep the children’s room tidy is a real challenge. Toys on the floor, clothes under the bed, shoes on the way and untidy school supplies are some of the brands of children’s bedrooms. Children may be small in stature, but know very well how to provoke a beautiful clutter!

Adopting some simple steps can keep the corner of the small always in order. Check out our tips and make this dream a reality in your home! Continue reading

You can Reupholster almost Everything (Artboards in Bloom)!

When they see me rolling a closet in the house, someone shouts “Get Ana dali before she paint or cap something!” and, well … they are wrong! Almost everything gets better looking with a little more (and sometimes a little less) of color! The chosen of the time were the acrylic boards I found on the highest shelf of the cabinet office (thought I wasn’t going to find? RA! Gotcha!) Continue reading

Don’t Know Which Device is Plugged in?

Imagine the situation:

Are you doing a hot as hell. You were playing video games, but the tension of the game made you feel even more heat and you chose to watch a movie. The DVD is connected in the home theater, which in turn is connected to the TV. But it is still not enough, you need a fan. You search a fan and comes almost in the liquid state. Now just plugged into a socket and are all occupied. You can turn off the video game, since it is not being used, but accidentally turn off the DVD. When you finally turn off the video game and turn on the fan, you go back to the couch to find that the DVD not record the point at which you stopped the film. Continue reading

Because I’m Disorganized?

Today I woke up in a rainy Monday and full of work to be done, but instead of grimacing and blurt out a curse, I thanked God for the delicious details of my life. One of them is to be able to work from home while this little rain knocks at the window. I realized also that maybe my mood hadn’t been the same if I had woken up in a messy room and found my desktop (where I write now) in the same situation. This was the only task that I performed on Sunday: prepare the environment for the Monday morning. Continue reading

Retrospective: the Best of the Videos Have Fun Organizing on Youtube

The year ended and a new one has begun with fresh posts and videos, but I know many of you are new here and didn’t see anything that appeared in the blog and in the channel. In fact, If you haven’t registered on our Youtube Channel, also didn’t see much that happened there! But don’t worry, the retrospective of all videos, decoration and step-by-step of have fun organizing is here to show you the way. Continue reading