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Shoes for Your Body Type

And if our favorite sneakers could put our figure? Here are a few precepts to follow to find the perfect pair, history to highlight her body even in sportswear.

Comfortable and stylish, the sneakers have become our new obsession mode. Ideal for a chic and casual look, we have simply want to wear every day and this, whatever the occasion. So, they follow us everywhere, even after a fitness session, whether for an afternoon shopping, a night at the restaurant or even a day at the office. And even if also often wear, so choose a pair that flatters our silhouette as possible. Little guide to find one that suits us best.

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Plus Size Skirt Length

Although the internet is a gold mine of information, you can quickly feel overwhelmed by too much full of information without knowing what really concerns us. For fashion is the same, television is full of shows such as for example the Queens of shopping with Cristina Cordula, but in the end what does it really hold? To make easier the task we have prepared a little guide that will let you know what great skirt length size is adapted to your morphology.

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Pros and Cons of Wearing Shorts

Monday’s article turned out not quite unexpectedly be a contaminated substance. The fact that many designers, avant-garde as well as stofila retainers, including shorts in their collections should be talking to the garment’s advantage. At the same time, we are constantly flooded by arguments from recognized stildignitet as without the slightest doubt dismisses the garment’s existence. Who is really right?

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Swimwear for All Ages

What makes a perfect swimsuit? It depends on age, but also the type of woman who wears it, for each there is a glamorous secret

Identikit of the perfect swimwear

There are those who seek him and never find anyone who has difficulty parting after finding it although it is now worn and faded: it’s a perfect swimsuit, cross and summer delight of every woman! There is no single formula that satisfied all, for each there is only one bikini or swimsuit dream which then changes according to the age and the tasks of life, these are our suggestions glamor! Continue reading

Nokia Smartwatch Launch

Among the companies interested in designing a smartwatch also check Nokia with his patent dated August 2012

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How to Match a Houndstooth Jacket


Does anyone think the pied de poule is born in France. Instead the origins are Scots. The first information dates back to 1800. The shepherds wore to keep warm in the winter. The two original colors are black and white. Today they are carded wool clothing, black and blue, or purple and Fuchsia. To match the jacket with classic colors, we can decide the pants to “Crow’s foot” of the same color. For some solid white one is more chic. The tutorial explains how to attach accessories. Continue reading