Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Specs

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 which is working will aim directly to competition called Apple, aiming to be more subtle than iPAd Air 2 while remaining faithful to the “new course” of Samsung, which has already imposed metal section in many new smartphones, which will be brought about…
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Onyx E-Ink Tablet

Would you buy an ebook reader with an e-ink display Mobius from 13.3 inches and Android OS 4.4 KitKat? Onyx hope your answer is affirmative since, according to the latest rumor would be working on this product.

Nexus 9 CPU Specs

You may not remember, but HTC T1 is the code name of Nexus 9, that’s why we are very interested in hearing about a new tablet, T1H. In fact he is an old acquaintance, appeared in a leaked roadmap last December, in which it said that T1H…
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Xiaomi Mi Pad Test

Xiaomi Mi Pad earns the coveted “Sub Zero’s seal of approval” with a home test that tests the product resistance to low temperatures. The footage that we propose at the end of article, published by YouTube channel I composed of fans of the products of the well-known…
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Blackberry Samsung IBM Tablet

It’s called SecuTablet and the name itself should suggest that it will be a product that relies entirely on Security and that certainly won’t be geared to the general public. We talk about the new tablet made in collaboration between Samsung, IBM and Secusmart (acquired by BlackBerry last July) to…
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Galaxy Tab 3

The last week we have spoken for the first time by a third generation of Samsung tablet: marketing dates were already known of the two versions from 7 “, in particular, is scheduled for this month the arrival of Wi-Fi-only version, as…
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