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India’s Cheapest Smartphone Mobile

A Smartphone for just more than three euros? There is something in the Indian market. The Smartphone market in India is booming. But the cheapest solutions are also not always popular.

The cheapest Smartphone India come for equivalent of 3.28 euros on the market. The young Indian company of Ringing bells campaigned Tuesday in newspapers for the model, which is equipped with a four-inch screen

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Blackberry Smartphone Company

The Smartphone provider kndigt employees in Canada and the United States. To the delight of his wife, zustndige Manager is also the f체r innovation. At the Aktienrckkauf zndet BlackBerry while the Turbo.

The conversion of the Canadian Smartphone provider BlackBerry goes on. The company relies on Android, while its own mobile operating system since the publication of the BlackBerry Priv is a discontinued model. Thus, a part of the workforce is no longer needed. In Florida, 75 bodies were painted according to a report of the SunSentinel, in Canada, the speech was even by 1000. BlackBerry itself then confirmed the termination of about 200 employees in total.

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Smartphones: Newcomer Xiaomi Braked

Shooting star Xiaomi suffers from the stagnant market in China and seek his fortune abroad. The young manufacturer is but still good for a place in the top flight.

The Chinese Smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has sold according to own 2015 a total of 34.7 million units in the first half of the year. This is a good one-third more than in the first six months of the previous year. But when compared with the second half of 2014, in which Xiaomi could sell 35 million smartphones, the paragraph is stagnant. This could be another sign that the strong growth in the Chinese market is weakening.

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Ubuntu Version Of The Smartphone Meizu Mx4 From 25 June Available

Exclusive in Europe canonical on Thursday to offer the Ubuntu Edition of smartphones MX4 of Chinese manufacturer Meizu. The ordering is however well hidden.

Canonical wants to offer a new smartphone with Ubuntu as an operating system in Europe starting on Thursday-that September available Meizu MX4 arrives in China with Android since last well in Ubuntu Edition.

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Heat Wave Drives It Equipment In The Red Zone

On hot summer days, the work is not just us people more difficult, but also the IT hardware. With our tips, you protect Smartphone, Tablet, notebook, PC, server, network storage, monitor, printer and other equipment from overheating.

Man, that is hot! At temperatures above about 30 degrees Celsius, many IT devices operate on the edge of their specification. Many are designed for operation at temperatures of maximum 35 degrees Celsius, as about Apple expressly stated. Although the devices at still higher temperatures usually do not simply fall out, but they expect possibly slower.

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LG Will Not Close Gaping Security Hole In Smartphones

Since November, LG knows that all of its Android mobile phones easily infect settle with spy software. But eliminate one wants the problem apparently only for the new models, Hungarian researchers report.

Researchers of the Budapest University of technology and economics have established that LGs Android phones have a dangerous security problem, the attacker can download any malicious code and spying apps on the phone. You have informed the manufacturer, but LG will fix this problem appears only in new devices.

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Tried: Lensbaby mobile LM-10

2 The Lensbaby mobile LM-10 is a special lens for adventurous Smartphone photographer and comes with its own app. We looked at the sweet-spot push lens.

Experimental photographers go back the special sweet spot of Lensbaby lenses. In the case of the Lensbabys, the sweet spot is the area in the picture that is really sharp as the only one. This sharpness is less and less

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