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Photographic Gadgets

The theme of today’s slightly awkward and difficult to pronounce, but it is a hand-on-wheel of photographers who enjoy technological solutions for your photos. And also for those who have old negatives at home, of those who accompanied the rolls of film. We’ll talk today about the photographic gadgets: what they are and what they can do to facilitate your life. The idea is to introduce a subject that can be very useful, and often also, fun, since not all gadgets for photography are essential, but they’re definitely desirable. Let’s learn a little about the subject? Continue reading

How to Choose Electric Planer

The planer is a cutting power tool used for chopping, flattening or take irregularities and roughness of the wood.

Normally they are used in carpentry for leveling and determining the density of parts for manufacturing. It requires a lot of attention to finish the job, because once you turn off the machine, the blade will continue to run for a while.

Depending on your style, the planer can do  from a coarse buffing of a sawn piece to the final sanding. Continue reading

Le Eco Le Max 2 Smartphone

The Chinese manufacturer of LeEco for the Le Max 2 with snapdragon requires just 340 euro 820, 6 GB RAM and 5.7-inch screen. Lacks a headphone jack, because with the three new smartphones by LeEco, there is only a USB C Jack.

No other connector adheres at the Smartphone as long as the 3.5 mm headset jack, but it is him by the scruff of the neck. Not Apple, but the Chinese manufacturer LeEco waives the Jack at its three new Android

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Jolla Sailfish OS Smartphone

Jolla has recovered from its crisis and shows the first Smartphone with sailfish OS of a partner at MWC. In addition, one speaks about big expansion plans and the cooperation with Fairphone.

Along with the Indian manufacturer Intex, Jolla on the MWC displays a new smartphone with the alternative operating system OS sailfish. It also brings in cooperation with Fairphone sailfish as an option in the Fairphone 2. After the crisis of the last few months, Jolla optimistically into the future and plans to accommodate its operating system on more devices.

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Smartphone Market Sales 2016

Looks like the Smartphone market beginning 2016: hardly any growth, the iPhone sales fall by 16 percent and in the global top 5 displace two internationally little-known Chinese brands established providers of Lenovo and Xiaomi.

The years of growth in the Smartphone market has greatly reduced at the beginning of the year. According to calculations by the market research

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Panasonic F1 Mobile Phone

Panasonic Expands its Toughpad series with two new, extremely robust handheld tablets. Two identical devices FZ-F1 and FZ-N1 come with 10 Windows Mobile or Android and an integrated barcode scanner.

There were two new and exceptionally robust smartphones by Panasonic at the MWC. The devices FZ-F1 and FZ-N1 with Android and Windows 10 mobile survive not only the fall in the water and the case of 1.8 meters harmless, but can be operated even in the rain, and with thick gloves. There is even support for a precision stylus. Panasonic calls the devices still not smartphones, but handheld tablets, although lots of current Smartphone technology inside the housing. As with their thick bar code aligned to meet different purposes devices.

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