Casual Sunday: Already Here Are H & M Spring Trends

The supermodel Sean O’pry He returns to work with H & M to remind us that, although right now do a considerable scratch across the country, in a few months will return accompanied by their long days of sunshine spring.

So, with the head placed at the next station, then we are preparing to enjoy a private rest day that the Swedish firm has devised for the imminent new season.

Let´s go!

Informal costume as a wildcard

We are seeing it on these lines, this two-piece suit is going to be the great protagonist of our day. The Blue Klein, much more alive than the marine, tells us that the summer season is approaching. The American, a single button, flees Formalisms and tell us that our only aim is to spend a relaxing day without losing style.

Once made the presentations, we will be able exploit costume as we come in wins: by combining it with the classic white shirt or risking, informal shirts striped in the purest style of corruption in Miami with.

The twist comes in the form of interesting associations as the trouser suit with marbled shirts in colors such as grey or brown. To enliven the debate, proposed Suede boots Chelsea style.

A foolproof Casual Friday look is one that is created from a beige Chinese and a blue American marine. As we can see in the image above, this last without flap pockets and white buttons have been added it is to highlight the Spring nature set.

To break with the classic, from H & M they reduce tension using the set Cowboy shirts contrast in shades of blue. As we are seeing so far, the aim is to combine a priori formal with other basic items of the casual wardrobe.

Of course, this spring Sunday there is also space for the purely informal looks. Then, is when they make appearance the checked shirts and printed in stripes, the combined jackets with zipper or jeans in color white or Navy blue bone.

H & M presents a Spring 2014 very relaxed that it seeks to erase from our minds that premise that to costume associated with times of pure formality. A trend, which may like more or less, but which is still the main character on all runways.

The costume, now more that ever, search and find allies in the wide range of possibilities proposed by the informal Cabinet.