Bulb VTAC E27 10W 806lm 2700K

Consumption: 10W (measured 10-9.4W)

Energy rating: A+

Equivalence: 65W or 22W CFL

Lumens: 806

Colour: 2700K

Angle: 200 °

Power factor: > 0.5 (measured 0.64)

CRI: > 80

Adjustable: No

Measures: 60 x 108 mm

Length: 20000 hours (> = 15000 ignitions)

Price: €4.21 (price dropped to €3.97)

Bulb VTAC E27 10W 806lm 2700K
Here we have another thread E27 LED bulb with 10W and 806lm similar to other similar lights already discussed in this blog to replace incandescent bulbs of 60W, which mounted 2835 smd leds, is entirely made of thermoplastic, which sounds like a hollow (just weighs) and has a price of around €4

The concrete model of bulb is VT-1853 and comes in a cardboard box with typical blue colors brand VTAC. In the box are several data some of it which are curious:

-It is the text translated in several languages and in English says “hight quality led”, but the Spanish translation puts “leds manufactured in Taiwan” (in any other language made no reference to Taiwan…)


The bulb measured consumption is somewhat below the 10W and power factor measured of 0.64 gives something above the indicated 0.5, but it is still quite low. In addition if plugged the bulb in the same socket as a radio sometimes produces many interferences and other times not. Both indicate that electronics mounting could be of better quality and be better isolated.

With respect to operating temperature, after spending half an hour on warm up much and can endure in the hand: edge of the diffuser is put at 38°C but the limit with Cap becomes the 76°C.

At least it seems that VTAC is more “realistic” than other manufacturers and indicates of 20000 hours instead of the typical 30000 or 50000 hours to announce some other sellers for very similar bulbs, (and that still seem a bit optimistic since more “theoretical” quality and price as the Philips bulbs announce only 15000 hours)

And as it seems to be usual products VTAC also indicates that he endures only > = 15000 lit, which is a quantity of ignitions do not just stay clear of the whole (refer to 15000, 20000, 30000…)

And finally with regard to the light that gives, surprisingly in the ranking of bulbs is tied with Osram Advanced 10W bulb and 806 lumens, so in this case seems that indicated lumens Yes coincide with the real.

Amortization of the bulb

The bulb life will be shortened if really only 15000 dura lit and the use that we are going to give many turned on and off daily.

Even so, with the following parameters of use of 20 on the day, the bulb will theoretically last about 2 years, amortised within 6 months and will end up representing a saving of around €13.

If last 50000 ignitions, his life would be extended until almost 7 years with a total savings of more than €56


It is a led bulb from 10W to 60W incandescent bulbs, replace that gives a lot of light at a reduced price, although with an electronic can be improved and manufactured entirely in plastic which makes having the same problems of high temperatures than most led bulbs and does cast doubt on the stated duration of 20000 hours.

I put this bulb “waiting list” to be placed in the lamp of the dining room where van passing different led bulbs that I analyze to have them subjected to everyday use and see their actual duration.

When it fails I will open it to see how it is the electronics that mounts and post it on the blog.