Blackberry Smartphone Company

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The conversion of the Canadian Smartphone provider BlackBerry goes on. The company relies on Android, while its own mobile operating system since the publication of the BlackBerry Priv is a discontinued model. Thus, a part of the workforce is no longer needed. In Florida, 75 bodies were painted according to a report of the SunSentinel, in Canada, the speech was even by 1000. BlackBerry itself then confirmed the termination of about 200 employees in total.

After more than 15 years, also Gary classes has left the company. He was responsible for innovation and head of software architecture. Whether he voluntarily went has not been announce. But his wife gave in a Facebook posting of their joy about the career change their man’s expression: “Gary, you were a wonderful example of integrity, loyalty and patience with your work there”, wrote according to Mobilesyrup, “but I’m glad you’re out.” Their contribution is now no longer available. Spark is considered father of the BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) and BlackBerry classes.

End of the built for BlackBerry

Mid-January BlackBerry has pulped the program “Built for Blackberry” in the short term. Previously, developers were able to submit their apps to the test. The programs passed the test, they were allowed to be advertised with ‘Built for Blackberry’.

However, since January 19, no new apps can be submitted and also previously submitted apps are no longer reviewed. March 1, already certified apps must forego the advertising with ‘Built for Blackberry’. BlackBerry had filed yet a commitment to BB10 October, the current’s own mobile operating system.

BlackBerry doubles share buy-back

At the same time, the company is significant amounts of money in the purchase of its own shares. In proceedings has been running since the middle of last year, 12 million own shares should be bought back in twelve months and then destroyed. Until the end of January were already almost 10 million shares to a total of approximately $ 74 million re purchased.

Now BlackBerrys back purchase program has more than doubled, namely to 27 million shares. This is equivalent to 5.8 percent of the free float. In the remaining five months, so good 17 million shares will be acquired and moved in.

With the buyback, the company supports its own share price and pays out money to those shareholders who sell their shares. Conversely, the remaining outstanding securities each evidencing a greater share of the company and should be worth slightly more. (ds)