BlackBerry Priv Could Have a Sony IMX230 Sensor

Among the many that have leaked information about the upcoming Android smartphone by Blackberry, the Priv, there has been much talk of even camera. All the rumors so far (including the comprehensive hands-on that we showed you yesterday) indicated a 18 MP sensor of unknown provenance and optics provided by German writer Schenider Keruznach.

The pictures look good, in General, but not great, especially in non-optimal lighting conditions; Today, however, emerging rumor according to which the final version of the device could have a far more interesting.

It seems that Blackberry will mount on the final version of the Sony Exmor IMX230 RS sensor device, a drive from 21 MP which is already present on many of the best smartphones on the market today- Moto X Style, Xperia Z5, 7 Honor and more.

How realistic can be this rumor? Difficult to assess. It is true that the phone was officially introduced for some time, but it is not yet available, so there may be a last-minute delay due to a new component. In addition, all hands-on and photos that have transpired so far are all about preproduction models, and we don’t even know precisely how old they are. What is certain is that the Sony sensor would make the device very competitive in a field, that of the photograph, which is crucial for the market.

BlackBerry Priv is available online from Vikishop to 629 euro or from ePRICE to 692 euros.


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