BITKOM: Flexible Working Thanks To Smartphones

On the basis of a representative survey of the IT industry association BITKOM comes to the conclusion that the majority of workers do their work outside the Office. At the same time, the handle to the Smartphone in a private round remains rude.

A Smartphone to the digital everyday life is now for most U.S. citizens, according to a representative survey of the IT industry association BITKOM the boundaries between private and professional environment increasingly blurred as a result. So at least every second professionals (48 percent) will bring its Smartphone out of the bag at a meeting with family or friends, to do professional things. 28 percent tasks at work in this way, 20 percent regularly take the opportunity.

Among younger professionals to 29 years the digital works in private with 35 percent is less common than under 30-49 year olds with 47 percent and the over 50 with 61 percent. Extent to which the differences in age related to the achieved position in the company, is not apparent from the survey.

Private desk

At the same time, many employees (41 percent) use the Smartphone just on work for private things. So read mainly releases (67 percent) at your desk, amuse themselves on social networks (29 percent) or video games (27 percent) and keep up on news sites (23 percent). Sports results are interesting for 15 percent, at least 6 percent shop online.

Total BITKOM – Chief Executive Bernhard Rohleder development looks positive: “the digitisation of causes that working life is flexible. While one formerly productive had to wait little an important message at the Office, you take today simply his Office with your Smartphone.”

Uncivil behavior

Many users can see however the flexible behavior disturbed, a clear majority of 67 percent consider themselves the official views of the Smartphone in the private round rude, 28 per cent say that today is normal. According to Bernhard Rohleder said: “The major challenge is to ensure that this new flexibility at the expense of the workers, nor at the expense of the company is going, but that both parties benefit equally.”

Based on the numbers is a representative survey of the BITKOM 1016 German citizens, including 575 professionals. (fo)