Best Types of Swimsuits for Your Body Type

I love the moment you see trends in swimwear.

Immediately I imagine that I’m on the beach and enjoy the summer in full swing and challenging style. But as much as I am tempted by fashion trends, always defer choosing a swimsuit with the peculiarities of my figure.

This is the most important advice when buying a new swimsuit – be modern but also look good on a particular body.

Because as we know, every body is different. Its advantages should be highlighted in the best possible way and disadvantages do not make an impression.

In terms of models, the variety of summer is large enough so that every woman can easily find “baby” swimsuit (visit Classic two-piece, all either (a) symmetrically cut, low or high waist –  all are modern, the important thing is to feel beautiful in them.

Bathing with one arm – a whole or in two parts, enjoys great fame in fashion this summer, despite its impracticality of extracting even tan.

KIC strapless is far more practical and not less fashionable. swimwear flowers and bright colors are the most relevant.

  •  Two parts
    • With one shoulder
    • (A) symmetrically cut
    • High waist
    • Steering
    • On flower
    • Strapless
    • In bright colors

Classic two parts

Swimwear two halves, with classic style – model that has every woman. Always up to date. For more even tan. The model from which you can buy at least one more during thisseason.

With one arm

Extremely impractical in terms of complexion, but very feminine. One bare shoulder and one yearning to be undressed – fashion charms of the upper class.

(A) symmetrically cut

Without apology to the popular plastic surgeon – beauty is in the asymmetry. Another issue is that symmetry is equally modern, gets you about swimwear for summer. The important thing is to be cut, exactly how – we leave to the imagination of designers.


Retro pattern with high waist returned to the top fashion a few seasons ago and still enjoys enviable position. This bathing attaches particular refinement of the lady who wears it. Elegance dominates sex appeal.

With flounces

Jacket with flounces gives volume to the bust and is ideal for women with smaller breasts. He stands playfully and provocatively.

On flowers

Summer fashion is unthinkable without floral patterns. Bland and colorless. Regardless of the model, the flowers are the lifeblood of any swimsuit.


The most appropriate model for a beautiful neckline with an even tan. It’s nice to know you do not have to be hitting straps indiscriminately, just because it is fashionable does not wear a brace.

Bright colors

The ending is a traditional – a pageant of colors. Neon shades continue to be a big hit, but will soon be replaced, so do not overdo it. Better bet on bright colors like red, blue, green, yellow, purple , but not in their neon tones.