Best Skirt for Petite

Small women are lucky, what are they best wearing mini skirt, print and vaporous materials. Do not have the model has never been as trend!

The colorful skirt

Longer silhouette with a short skirt and given the Oomph to your outfit with a fun and colorful model. If you choose colored and structured like
this skirt yellow petal Asos, there all good. Note, to avoid to do too much, we opted for neutral color shoes, avoid what pretend us to be a girl!

Printed skirt

Liberty, ethnic or tropical trend, printed skirt is the ally of small girls. If one is luscious, we’ll pick one that stops below the knee to avoid Pack silhouette. If one is thin as a twig, we loose on short models to lengthen legs. Aves of wedge shoes, we gain in height.

The pencil skirt

This is the model suitable for all body types. Sexy and chic, she is just above the knee and saves in elegance as you wear it with heels. More shoes with heels, a skirt high waist this should lengthen your legs as well as your bust. A classic and elegant skirt that you wear at the office or in the evening.

The filmy skirt

Tulle, silk, cotton end, mini or above the knee, the filmy skirt brings grace and glamour to a small woman who wants us to take her to the Seri! Tutu trend, we are more feminine and we put her thin hips in value, pleated, it chose her very short if we love her legs either above the knee so we have wide thighs. With this kind of skirts, avoid heels that we prefer flats or with preppy derbies.

We avoid

Long skirts! Sorry girls, even if you love the hippie chic, the long skirt is your worst enemy. She Cup and hiding your first asset: your legs.

The floral print skirt at Unless you choose to drive it, the black skirt Cup silhouette. So avoid very tight patterns as the skirt tube.