Best Makeup for Blondes

If you’re thinking of becoming blonde or if you’re of course, is the makeup shades that are able to enhance your face. For example, the eyeliner too dark are not suitable as certain lands make your complexion too yellowed. To accentuate colored hair “gold”, the trick has to be right . Here is the make up that you have to choose if you’re blonde.

The trick for blondes

Choose a blush peach

Opt for a creamy formula with applicator designed to blend in with your skin and illuminate it in a natural way.

Accentuate the brightness of your skin with orange lipstick – Fishing

Let your lips a “peachy” shade that fits perfectly with the tone of blonde hair.

Use an illuminating and a honey-colored eye shadow

To add sparkle to your skin apply an eye shadow and an illuminating honey-colored; It will make you look even brighter. Apply eye shadow even under the lash line to give freshness to your face.

Apply a natural colored pencil on eyebrows

Choose a color  natural for your eyebrows , and as close to the color of your hair. Apply the pencil in the sparser areas and comb with the brush .

Create a smokey neutral eye

With blond hair , eyes smokey are too heavy. Replace the black and gray with neutral tones asthe ‘ gold and bronze dark.

Or choose colored eyeshadows

The beauty of light hair and some color go hand in hand. The eye shadow can thus make your stay more intense look.

Put mascara blue color

The blue mascara stands out perfectly on light skin and gives light. The color on the lashes will last a long time for a perfect make-up throughout the day. See for cheap makeup products.

The matte red lipstick is good for blondes

Red is a classic color that looks good on any skin tone, but in contrast against the blond hair is very sensual.