Barbour Jacket New Collection

To wake up one day when the rain just pouring down and the wind is blowing from all directions can be a mere nuisance. Everything just feels completely hopeless and nothing in the closet seems to fit for such a storm. The catcher in the rye called Barbour which since its beginnings in 1894 has manufactured jackets for those who want to face rain and blowing storm with elegance.

Barbour is a mark of good ancestry. Ever since John Barbour founded the company in the late 1800 ‘s, the brand is associated with good quality and classic design. Initially, the jackets intended primarily for the convenience of fishermen from the harsh climate in the English coastal town of South Shields. Since then, it has developed custom jackets for motorcyclists to safarijägare. Today, there are over fifty models that are equally appreciated by birdwatchers as the banker. The idea of the good quality lives on and the majority of the jackets sys still hand in South Shields.

What in particular made Barbour known is the shell jacket (defined at The design consists of 100% Egyptian cotton treated with special oil and wax to resist severe weather. The special syprocessen with over fifteen thousand stitches and buttons of solid brass makes the jacket to a persistent friend. The material may in time also a nice wear and their very own patina. Would, however, be jailed for palpable, just submit the jacket for waxing and it is like new again. The inside is decorated with classic square pattern and Barbours there are numerous convenient pockets with room for everything from shotgun cartridges for the iPod.

For this year’s season has been slightly updated its collection Barbour. All classic models like Beaufort, Bedale and Eskdale are retained, but some interesting news has appeared:

Berwick tweed jacket, although it is made in 100% lambswool can be washed in the machine. For motorcyclists, there have been two new models, the International Vintage and International biker jacket. Both are based on older models that are highlighted in this year’s collection. Aside from the jackets have also added some new models of lambswool sweaters and a more luxurious Turtleneck Sweater in merino and angoraull. Otherwise keep Barbour stuck on his classic collection, but all do everything for big changes: Elegant, timeless and British.