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Humidifier and Air Purifier At The Same Time

Air conditioners and humidifiers are responsible for the thermal comfort of the spaces.

Dry weather and poor air quality are an invitation to the onset of respiratory problems, allergy symptoms and eye irritation. This condition, in extreme cases, even increases the risks of cardiovascular diseases. To alleviate these hardships and have more pleasant temperatures in the home environment, consider investing in air handling equipment such as the air conditioner and humidifier.

Check out some tips to get the product that best meets their needs and understand the difference between them. Continue reading

Drywall and Finishing for Buildings

If you need to put a divider, lining or coating in your home or office and do not have much time to make a reform, the best option is the drywall.

Known as plasterboard, it is a material that does not need water added at the time of conception, and ensures a quick and clean installation. It also generates a much smaller amount of slag: about 5% compared to other materials. Moreover, the material needs planning before application. Continue reading

Techniques and Tricks Used in Drywall Construction

Learn about the advantages of building model and its main applications.

The works in Brazil gained a new concept with the arrival of drywall twenty years ago. The construction system, called dry wall, consists of profiles (guides and amounts), plasterboard, thermal and acoustic insulation (PET wool, rock or glass), and ribbons for treatment of joints, acoustic band for floor mass to lock and screws. They are screwed into a galvanized steel frame, forming a complete wall – replacing the masonry. Continue reading

The Lightweight Steel Frame House Construction

The steel frame is a sustainable construction system that guarantees many benefits. Find out what they are!

A technology in the construction market has made ​​the work faster, simple, light, clean and dry. The steel frame is a sustainable building system. In a project done with this process, they are not used bricks or cement and galvanized steel appears as the main structural material. Continue reading

Handles and Locks for Doors

Doors’ handles are available in different models

Opens, closes. Closes, opens. The door handles, over time, become worn and it is inevitable that impair the beauty of the door. Replace these parts, often used in models of sliding and pivoting means to renew the entire environment, since the accessories are also part of the decoration of the space. Continue reading

Dry Wall Construction Techniques

Know the system of drywall and steel frame.

No dirt, brick build-up or delay the work. The dry construction, a method that does not use mortar and allows water savings in the execution of buildings, gains more space in the market. The main advantages are easy handling of steel structures, the fact of being more sustainable and gain space in the building – since this type of piece has lesser thickness compared to masonry walls. Continue reading

How to Choose Home Appliances

Home appliances need to be installed in every room and can be 10 and 20 amperes. Check out the tips and take advantage of our unbeatable prices.

Plan all the details of the construction means having fewer headaches in the future, as forgetfulness or lack of planning any stage of the work may result in unnecessary reforms and expenditures. Among the various stages, design installation of outlets deserves attention. Continue reading

Plug Sockets Safe Ensures Security for Users

Products were adequate to prevent electrical shocks and overloads electronic devices. See the benefits of new parts and take the opportunity to buy them at the lowest price on the market

In 2011, sockets and electronic equipment began to be marketed with three round pins. The change meets the rules of the Brazilian Plugs and Sockets Standard, created by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT). Continue reading