ASUS Nexus 10 LG

Both images in this article, the one above and the one at the end, were loaded on Reddit from two independent sources, and both are pointing in the direction of the next Nexus 10, which so far we had assumed would be ASUS brand.

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We start from the image above, where you can see not only that the tablet will mount the Google Experience Launcher for now exclusive to the Nexus 5, but also that this would be manufactured by LG, with model number V510. This is a number that we had already heardabout Bluetooth certification, and that at the time we had associated with or a Variant LTE 8.3 G Pad (known as LG-V500) or a Nexus 8 never confirmed; It seems that this could be the new 10 “from Google, which should arrive now shortly.

The image, now removed, is accompanied by a commentary in Korean, which says more or less: “LG Electronics Nexus 10 November 22 LTE in black and white.” Paying then for a moment faith at all, we should see LG Nexus 10 announced at White and black coloring, in days, and with the new launcher available for now only on the Nexus 5. At what price? To that responds in the following image.

The render was posted by a disgruntled employee of the operator by phone a few hours before the previous one, and shows the same tablet without the LG brand, but with the price of 299 pounds (357 € at current exchange rates): a price that looks much like the Nexus 5, but the same informant specifies that, in your experience, this would be the price with contract 4 g of Telefonica and then the final price could be higher, although on average the operator is more expensive than Google Play Device, then the day of reckoning the difference might not be too high.

In both render you can see at the top what we assume is a anteoriore speaker, while the absence of the status bar is imputed to the lack of expertise of the render of Telefonica, although it lacked however also in the other source.

It would be quite unusual for a single manufacturer “stamping” with its own brand two new Nexus, but other than that, they had already emerged in the past several indications that ASUS would be to produce the Nexus 10 2013 (if we can call); There is, however, to add that we had never received too many details about it, and that there is always a chance that today’s images display the true, although the quality of render leaves much perplexed, as well as the model number, very similar to that of the G 8.3 Pad. In any case, the November 22 is really close, so we just have to wait.