Apple Smartphone Cost

Head of Internet services of the iPhone manufacturer has announced that Apple is working on a high external costs for Smartphone use. He even did the problem.

Apparently, Apple wants to move mobile network operators to reduce the still often high roaming charges. Like Eddy Cue, for Internet services and iTunes competent senior Vice President at the group, in an interview with

the English standard said he is concerned. During his visit to London he was trying to have to pay “no roaming charges”. “It’s sad, there is another problem,” cue said. Apple work to fix it. “And we’re making some progress, but you need to convince so many people.”

What means exactly cue that is not recorded in the conversation – possibly involves the Apple SIM project in the project. But, Apple itself are SIM cards which then switched to from the mobile device to other network operators. The Apple SIM is also in the German Apple stores and allows between T-Mobile in the United States, to choose EE in United Kingdom, as well as the roaming service Gig Sky.

Cue in the interview expressed to the expiry of the first three-month trial phase of Apple music last week. Asked whether he fears that many customers jump down the streaming service, he said, you never know, “before it happens”.

It was happy with the number of people who have tried Apple music. “Everyone focuses on short periods of time, but we are in the long term.” Apple to Apple music has not communicated official numbers for a long time. In August, the Group spoke of 11 million subscriptions, including two million users of the family offer for up to six people.