Antique Clock Case Restoration

I’ll be very honest! Most of the objects that I inherit do not really match my tastes. But I can’t throw them away, because I care about the memories they remind me of when I look at them. The ticking of this clock white brings me for example to the cozy living room of my grandparents. In fact, the only thing I like about this clock, are its simple all golden needles. So I kept what I like the most: the mechanism and the hands. With one of my photos and simple materials, I will combine to create a modern clock.


  • An old clock
  • Printing your favorite (just about the poetic if possible) photo Q4
  • A trivet in Liège, round
  • White card
  • A compass
  • A cutting TPI
  • A cutter and scissors
  • A cayon to paper
  • A stick of glue and a glue gun
  • A clip-notes or paper clip
  • About 8 cm of resistant metal wire or a hook for table
  1. Build The Dial
    First, draw a circle to the diameter of the trivet on the white cardboard and cut it out with the cutter

Here, my circle is 19 centimeters in diameter.

You can use the circle of white cardboard as a template to cut out your photo. Place the circle at the center of the photo so that it covers the ground and slightly move the cutter around the carton to mark the cutting line. Then use scissors to cut out the photo following the brand of the cutter.

With the glue stick, glue the picture cut out on white cardboard circle.

With the tip of the scissors, poke a hole in the middle of the circle and blow it up with the tip of the pencil until the insertion point of the clock mechanism passes through.

Franziska Land

  1. Remove The old clock
    The last time for your old clock. It’s time to remove the needles and the mechanism.Don’t forget to remove the battery before to stop the hands.
  2. prepare the basis
    Now it is the turn of the trivet!It serves as base for the photo but also support for the mechanism.First, ask the mechanism in the middle and draw the outline with the pencil.

Then place the bottom on a carpet with the cutter and cutting, cut the shape you drew.

  1. Install The hanger
    Attach the hook to the back of the bottom to hang your new clock.It’s not simple to insert this hook in Cork.If you do not crochet on hand, you can make a suspension system with wire. To do this, dig a small hole with the pencil in Cork. Make a loop in the middle of the wire. Insert the ends into the small hole and turn the ends against the Cork on the other side to secure the loop. We can believe that this is a temporary solution, but in fact it works very well. The loop is hidden as soon as the pendulum is hanging on the wall.
  2. Connect the mechanism and front of the pendulum
    Using the gun to glue, paste the trivet on the back of the photo on the card.Once the glue dries, you can insert the mechanism.
  3. Place the cache
    To hide the trivet, I dressed the circumference of the clock with a strip of white cardstock.To do this, cut a strip of 2 centimeters in the white box.

Apply hot glue along the edge and apply the strip around the entire Cork-cardboard-photo. You can do a bunch of the height of the whole or a little higher to form as a framework. Glue the two ends of the Strip with the clip-notes (or a trombone, it’s the same) time for the glue to dry. See vintage style clocks on

You prefer something more noble? Instead of white cardboard, use the veneer of high quality or the reinforced straps.

Franziska Land

7 Attach the hands
Insert the needles and carefully place the needle of the hours, the minutes and the seconds. Finally, insert the battery. And here it is, a new clock!

8 Find the perfect place
Of course, this unique clock is entitled to a location of choice. She is hanging on the wall, placed on a sideboard or on a shelf, it makes really good. I love!

How about you?
What do you think of this makeover? Have you already customized a pendulum? Share your deco tip and your photos in the comments below!