Amazon Fire HD 6 Kids’ Edition (Buy)

Along with new Fire HD 6 and 7 inches and the new Fire HDX 8.9 presented in these hours, Amazon also announced a version of its tablet dedicated to a much younger audience: children. We are talking about the new Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition, also available in two variants, a 6 and a 7 inch from.

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Features–is evident from the outset as Amazon does not of course points on the hardware of this new Amazon Fire HD Kid Edition, since in fact the data sheet shows rather vague information about the processor, a quad-core is not well specified (almost certainly a Qualcomm Snapdragon), a HD display, front and rear cameras and speaker Dolby Digital Audio.Do you think that it does not even mention the operating system, which is probably a variant of the new Android-based OS 4 Fire 4.4 KitKat. What arises instead attention is the structure of the tablet itself, protected by a rubberized body and, above all, by a warranty period of two years (which in Europe is the standard). The Fire HD Kid Edition is also sold with one year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, providing access to well 5000 books, movies, tv shows, educational apps and games at no additional cost.

Price and availability–is perhaps the presence of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited which meant that, for the moment, the new Amazon Fire HD Kid Edition is a product dedicated to American soil. At the time of the product does not appear in the list, and given the presence on Italian portal of the other new Kindle, it is also possible that this Edition for kids never come in the beautiful country. A real shame, considering the reasonable price: starts at $149 (just115 €) for the 6-inchversion, while the 7-inch version is priced at $189 (about 150 €). For the curious, here’s the link to the American version of Amazon for more details on this new Amazon Fire HD Kid Edition.