Allergy to Makeup Has a Solution?

Learn why the skin irritation appears, and if it is possible to avoid the problem

Unfortunately happens more often than necessary. After losing the greater long time caprichando on the make, you start to feel the skin itch, turn red, sometimes the eyes burn and the mouth may even have a swell slightly. Since it is allergy to the makeup has nothing of the freshness. If this is your case, learn now how to deal with.

Allergy to Makeup Has a Solution 1

Why the allergy appears?

If you are the type that does not have an allergy to nothing, there are high chances of being able to use any kind of makeup without worry. Lucky. Unfortunately, people with rhinitis or who are allergic to other things, from pets to dust, are more prone to suffer when they spend makeup.

The allergy to make you can be caused by various components of the self, as the iron oxide (also known as aluminum powder), responsible for giving color, preservatives, which, as the name already says, make the products last longer, or even by the fragrance that some products have.

In this case, if you are able to identify the that comes giving problem, simply stop using, replacing it with another product without the substance that makes him evil. Unfortunately, there is no cure: the way is to replace.

Alert! Products much remember, those that you pay less than$ 3 deserve to stay under observation, ok? Unfortunately, the good products need the raw material a little more expensive. Makes expired can only have one destination: the garbage.

Allergy to Makeup Has a Solution 2

Allergy that comes out of nothing

Can you happen to use throughout the life a product that, out of nowhere, goes on to cause you discomfort. This is because the components of an allergy can have a cumulative effect. For example, while you’re on the day with your immune system, all quiet. But one day, when it is more sensitive, any substance that can give you allergy.

If this happens to you, ask all of the products we use, from shampoo to perfume, passing by the makeup, of course. Suspend the use of some even find out where it comes from irritation, or search for a dermatologist.

Makeup that does not hurt

If you already know a guy who has the allergy to makeup, always choose for hypoallergenic products. They do not contain the substances that cause dermatitis in the most sensitive skins. Although (as well!) more expensive, are the salvation of allergic. The imported brands Clinique, Vichy, M. A. C and the national just as and Vitaderm are the most known. But worth a go by testing several until you find the ideal for you, such as Natura and Avon, which fell in the popular taste. And you know, the voice of the people…

Allergy to Makeup Has a Solution 3

And makes minerals?

A year here, they won in the pages of women’s magazines and the taste of understood in the subject. This is because this type of makeup is made with products extracted from nature, without chemical or strong colors very artificial (you can notice it, shades of mineral makeupare much more soft).

In addition, this type of product has the action calming, does not clog pores, and even treats the skin. According to makeup artists and passionate about the make, the effect is more natural, it is beautiful. And you know, right? According to makeup artists and famous, the secret to makeup that is well done is not seem artificial. Worth to give a chance to the mineral products, the same because it is easy to find, every brand worth its salt already has its line.

Another cosmetic that deserves attention

Enamel more common and cheap almost always has in its composition the formaldehyde, which causes allergy in many people. So, be attentive and read the label, ok? If you are sensitive to this substance, the option once more are hypoallergenic.

Secrets of perfect skin

Before you begin the makeup, some care is essential to prepare the skin, such as:

  • Cleanse and moisturize as well.Use a soap itself to get the excess oil of the face and then a moisturizer for your skin type, own to the face;
  • Spread, even before the base, a primer.This product works as a base without color, which helps to close the pores, make the skin shine and make your make to last much longer. Must have!
  • Never sleep with makeup or longer time than necessary.The cleaning needs to be done with soap and makeup remover, which is the most suitable to take the product more resistant, as the mask for eyelashes;
  • At the time of purchase, choose a product that you do as well.Nowadays, many makes come with factor FPS in the formulation. To stay beautiful from inside-out is always better, don’t you think?