A Saleslady Forced To Show Her Bra Size

Saleswoman’s life is not always easy. Evidenced by a Swedish employee who, a year, was of the view her bra size on his badge. And Yes! This may seem surreal, but the lingerie store chain ‘Change’ has forced its vendors of BRA to wear a badge with their name, their turn of chest and their cup size, that’s all!

A Saleslady Forced To Show Her Bra Size 1

The case of the BRA before courts

One of between them, feeling humiliated and aware that his dignity was at stake, decided to bring the case before the courts by dragging his employer to arbitration. This is how justice gave him succeed, believing that this obligation was discriminatory and that the dignity of the saleswoman had been violated. The chain of lingerie shops ‘Change’ had to pay 6000 euro fine to the complainant in addition to the reimbursement of his legal fees.

A Saleslady Forced To Show Her Bra Size 2

A spokesperson for the Union of employees in commerce in Sweden welcomed this decision, declaring: “it’s a great victory for the integrity of the employees. Because it takes need to know that the vendor issued several times already reluctant to wear the famous badge, but the direction of the store really gave him the choice: either she was wearing, she was fired. One can therefore understand that she wanted to keep her job.

A Saleslady Forced To Show Her Bra Size 3

The justification for the store

The company maintaining its decision: according to an internal document, it was for her of “report that the vendors have a wide choice and are willing to offer the right bra size” on http://www.fun-wiki.com/2016/12/22/how-to-choose-the-bra-size/. In addition to detailing his choice on the labels of its products, the seller must have been a showcase for the brand. A choice that doesn’t have consensus because justice has decided.

This is a topic that will be strongly debated in Sweden where the equality of the sexes and discrimination laws are a fundamental principle scrupulously respected by employers in general.