9 Ways to Wear a Scarf

You like spring is coming, and nature simply refreshes of musicality, I decided to start rearranging my wardrobe and I noticed with surprise that you can fill only scarves.

Received as a gift, or purchase for a momentary impulse or as a souvenir from holidays, my scarves are unused. The multitude of models that are associated with the specific nature of spring pretty fussy, I did start using the scarves as a hair accessory. And I’m sure many of you are in the same situation as me, so I will offer some ideas for wearing this accessory. What are the benefits? The scarf protects hair from excess moisture and we dispose of a nervous breakdown for no longer know how to fix her hair. In addition, clothing colors assorted scarves add a touch of femininity, emphasize your eyes and save us from the spring breeze and destructive winds.

The easiest way to use a scarf over her head is to turn it into a headband. Do not forget to put it on the fringe and let support the remaining hair. If the fringe is very long, it releases a part on one side, and let her fall towards your chin, by adding it to the end under the scarf. The advantage is that a scarf you can build a wide range as much as you want, and the knot can be transformed into a real accessory, tight or simply left on his shoulders.

Another simple way to be feminine with a scarf: the bandana. The scarf should cover the meeting line of hair on the forehead and must not let you see my hair. Then must be tied behind, at ear level. If you believe that your ears are too far, you can pass scarf over the top of the ears. If not, the line of scarf can go above or behind them. Below, you can let your hair free or you can pick up in a ponytail.

How many times have you admired the beautiful actress who enjoyed the breeze of the Mediterranean in a convertible with his head wrapped in a scarf? This way of wearing the scarf was brought to public attention by celebrities who sought to avoid the paparazzi, covering their head with a scarf wrapped around his neck. Of course, such an option must not miss the sunglasses, if you want to feel like a real star! See a vintage scarf on http://www.vintagesfinder.com/2016/09/vintage-scarf-fashion/.

Here is an appropriate option for small scarves-handkerchief which may help you to tighten your hair. Fold one corner of the scarf and put it on the head over the line in front. It leaves open the opposite corner to fall on the hair. Tighten the other two corners of the scarf around your neck, under your hair and you are ready! This is a more casual style, which fits the casual clothes or sports.

The preferred style of contemporary stars. Grab your hair into a bun and avvolgili roundabout. Put the scarf just above the brow line and make a knot. Then wrapped the rest of the scarf around the knot. You can release a thread out, if it conforms to your face, or leave all the hair trapped under. The secret of this style is to opt for a pair of earrings big and round.

If you have beautiful eyes, here is the best way to emphasize: wrapping the head in a scarf, as do Muslim women. Despite being a more complex, it is also very feminine and protects hair from the elements of nature.

It is a style found in Egyptian culture and an effective way to protect yourself from the Sun and wind. Choose a large scarf and flip it on its head, leaving in a part a great piece free. The piece free turn it on that already captured, over the deal, then fixes the scarf with a clip.

In any of the above options, you can add a unique accessory: a flower, a PIN, etc. A scarf, used as an accessory you can automatically change the entire picture, especially if you know how to play with the colors of the clothing and the colours of the eyes.

Around the ponytail
If you are bored of always putting your hair in ponytail, use a scarf to tweak your look. You can take the scarf around the base of the tail and let them off the corners, or you can wrap it, thus forming a large hairstyle.