7 Myths About Bras

If they hear of all the colors on our inseparable undergarment, which is why we wanted to debunk seven of the most common myths


Bra, myths and legends

There are those who willingly lets him in the drawer, who can not get out without, those who even at night brings, it is the bra, inseparable companion, able to give you the right “support” as only a true friend can do. Yet there are a number of legends about this particular item of clothing that are confusing to even the most skilled women in the field. We have identified seven myths and we dispelled them for you with the help of some experts in the field, so that you can sleep good night’s rest, with or without your bra on!

Bra increases cancer risk

False! Bras, even those equipped with underwire, do not affect in any way the risk of developing breast cancer. As explained in the Scientific American, it is a myth born in the mid 90s but was immediately dispelled. “The general opinion of the doctors is that neither the type of bra, nor the way in which these undergarments support and pressing on the body, has no connection with the risk of breast cancer,” says University of Arkansas Medical Science on the site. Therefore everything that you read on the internet is not based on credible research, but is the result of pure disinformation.

The average size is the third

False too, because, even according to the experts, who works as monitor consumer sizes, there is an average size, this is because the bras vary from model to model and from brand to brand, so it is virtually impossible to determine the actual volume. Janesportsbras, an American manufacturer, about it says “The bras are like jeans, which fits a model could be totally unsuitable for another similar”.

Sleep with the bra holds up breast

Some women argue that wearing the bra at night helps keep your breasts high and firm. The plastic surgeon Carlos Burnett, however, explains that sleep with the bra will not damage or brings benefits to the breast, in fact, the so-called suspensory ligaments of the breasts are not theses significantly while lying, so wear a bra or not has no influence on the tone muscle.

More is clear bra, the less visible under clothes

Caldwel is surprised by how many people may believe that wearing a white bra under the light shirt is the least visible option. In fact the best solution would be wearing a flesh-colored underwear, as close as possible to the hue of their complexion “The closer you get to the tone of your skin, it will be less visible bra under clothing” the expert explains.

Therefore women with olive skin should look for a dark underwear nude tone, nothing could be easier as more and more companies are creating models that take into account the various incarnated, making available many colors in addition to the classic beige.

Bras modify the natural shape of the breast

Some time ago we published an article which talked about the fact that some French researchers had studied the breasts of 300 women between 18 and 35 years in the course of 15 years, he found that the bra “laziness” of the breast muscle, doing so in so that over time this descend tone. But other experts argue that it is still too early to confirm these data, also French scholars did not take into consideration certain factors, such as the difference in breast size sample of women, therefore, until the contrary is proved effective, it is widely bras that help to keep the high breast supporting suspensory ligaments, otherwise proven by the force of gravity.

The bra cups do all the work

False, no cups, no underwire or straps to lift the breasts, but the merit of a proper support should be given almost exclusively to the band. The belts in fact serve to hold the cups adhering to the body, while the band provides 90% of all the support. So to make sure that the neckline looks good we must stake everything on a band firmly against the body, even when the torso is twisted. This, however, should never be tight until we suffocate, but must wrap in a comfortable and welcoming, otherwise you may suffer needlessly and have the much unwanted “bagged” effect that emerges from the shirt.

A good bra will last a lifetime

Oh how we would like it were true! In reality Caldwell explains that the bras have a relatively short duration which is around 6-9 months. “A lot of factors influence the length of a bra” In fact, the expert explains, “they should be hand washed with the right soap, preserved with care and spacing regular breaks from using them.” But also carefully following all of these practices, in most cases, a bra worn regularly after year of life appears warped, faded and deteriorated, in a few words, as far as we can be cherished, our dear old friend has every right to retire.

Bra Day Italy 2016

The Bra Day is the international day for awareness about breast reconstruction and is celebrated on October 19. an international initiative established with the objective of disseminating correct information on a topic that touches many women, breast reconstruction.
The goal is to give clear and esautistive information on current techniques and in development that specifically concern the reconstructive surgery techniques. The event is organized in more than ten countries, a way to come together around this theme and inquire with industry professionals, for greater women’s awareness.
Every woman has the right to be informed to be able to consciously choose, need arises in the light of some studies that have revealed:
89% of women want to know the results of reconstruction of the breast before undergoing the treatments related to breast cancer.
only 23% of women are aware of the range of treatments available about breast reconstruction.
only 22% know the quality of the results that can be achieved through breast reconstruction
only 19% of women are aware of the fact that the timing of breast cancer treatment has an impact on the possibilities and options subsequent to undergo breast reconstruction
If you want to be recommended, or participate in the events, visit the official site with all the information and contacts you will find under

Events Bra Day 2016
Contacts Bra Day 2016
Information on breast reconstruction
Stella McCartney for the prevention of breast cancer

Chelsea Handler, comedy, writer and presenter of the Chelsea program on Netflix is ​​the face of Stella McCartney campaign for the month dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer. A theme to which Stella has always been near and below in order to raise awareness among women against the disease, but also to make them more aware of the value and the importance of prevention.

Stella McCartney has told him so: “Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women worldwide. Although the majority is aware of the seriousness of this disease, many women underestimate how important prevention is to take up the cancer even at an early stage. I designed this outfit to remind women of the importance of their health and regular medical checkups. the suit is not only aesthetically pleasing and elegant but is also an important reminder to health “.

The new full Star Lace available in the collection AI 2016-2017, in the light pink tones, consisting of bra and briefs, is in line with the sexy and modern style of Stella McCartney lingerie. In the past, the face of the campaign the two Top: Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne. The good news also is that a percentage of its proceeds to the sale of the complete will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (USA) and at the Linda McCartney Centre in Liverpool in the UK to support the research and treatment of patients with breast cancer. The full will be on sale in Stella McCartney and the online site boutique, or to Le Bon Marche, at Saks Fifth Avenue and on Net-a-porter.
Not only that, this year Stella has also created the bra Louise Listening created for women who have undergone a double mastectomy. The entire proceeds from the sale of this bra will be donated to Hello Beautiful founded in London by Jane Hutchison.