6 Important Tips For The Woman Who Wants To Get Pregnant

It is very important to follow a healthy diet and taking folic acid

Not always the woman can get pregnant so decides, by the partner, you want to have a baby. And that’s difficult to control the anxiety.

Many couples begin the search of the ways women get pregnant faster. It is common that arise questions as: “are there more suitable positions for pregnancy to occur?”; “is that some foods really make a difference?” etc.

Thinking about it, you can see below some guidelines that can help the woman you want to get pregnant, as well as tips on how to control anxiety in this period:

  1. Control Anxiety

Alfonso Massaguer, gynecologist and obstetrician, specialist in human reproduction and clinic Director Mother, highlights that anxiety is very present in the general population, but especially in those women trying to get pregnant. “Of course she can cause problems by increasing stress, family conflicts and professionals, but will not be a direct cause of infertility. We will help these women saying they don’t get anxious or that this anxiety is the cause of this difficulty in having a baby, “he says.

Tamu Days Titon, specialist in psychology and Yoga, Personare professional, explains that anxiety is generated by mental agitation and expectations created, the famous pré-ocupações. “The restless mind, trying to control the uncontrollable,” comments.

But, according to the expert, there are numerous ways of the woman who wishes to become mother work your balance, find peace and delivery. Below she cites some examples:

Yoga: this practice takes the woman to become aware of your body-mind, and even, on a larger level, work and spirituality. “Take the practitioner respecting your Biorhythm. Those who practice yoga, with discipline and diligence, you can find numerous benefits to educate themselves whether or not the time to be a mom, and accept why, in certain situations, it’s not, “says Fahima.

Therapy: another form of the woman to calm down is therapy, have a therapeutic follow-up weekly or biweekly to observe and be able to develop, Exchange and express their sorrows, doubts and fears that are usually behind the anxiety. “The psychologist can help you receive and transform this anxiety through understanding what is causing this reaction,” says Fahima.

Body therapy: “in the specific case of body therapy, which is the line that I follow, body work, ‘ Grounding ‘, often used on bioenergetics, brings the woman to the present moment, through techniques that take care of the expansion of the breath, making it smoother and productive. In addition to promoting more vitality and strengthening to your body. That is, the more in touch with his own body, the more the body is flexible and free of tensions, more serena will be your mind and anxiety is reduced, “explains the expert Tamu.

  1. Have The Correct Period Relations

This is a fundamental measure for the woman who wants to get pregnant: having sex in the correct period according to the rhythm method. “The ideal is around (3 days before and after) ovulation occurs 14 days before the next menstruation. Therefore, in a 30-day menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs around the sixteenth day (30-14 = 16), and sexual intercourse must occur from the thirteenth to the nineteenth day, “explains OB-GYN Massaguer.

  1. Rely On Healthy Eating

A lot of people have no idea, but a healthy diet is very important also for the woman who wants to get pregnant.

“A healthy diet always helps, must rely on many fruits and vegetables. In obese women, weight loss can help a lot. Therefore, low-fat and high-calorie foods shortly. A good nutritionist is always an important ally in this phase when the woman decides to get pregnant, “the gynecologist and obstetrician Massaguer.

In this sense, it is crucial even suspend smoking and the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

  1. Keep The Gynecological Routine Days

It is very important that women do often visits to your gynecologist and inform, as soon as possible, on your decision to become pregnant. In this way, the professional will guide you in all the steps so she can conquer your goal.

  1. Taking Folic Acid

“It’s important the woman take folic acid three months before trying to get pregnant,” the gynecologist and obstetrician Massaguer.

Folic acid is a vitamin B complex present in some foods, such as spinach, broccoli, dark green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, etc. It is essential for the woman who hopes to become pregnant because the folic acid deficiency in the diet of the mother can cause a malformation of the neural tube of the baby that is starting your growth and development within the stomach.

As it is not always just the power supply provides the sufficient amount of folic acid that woman needs, doctors recommend a supplemental to the recommended dose is ingested by the mother-to-be.

  1. “Take Care” Of Your Relationship

Alfonso Massaguer points out that “to ensure the relationship” is also important for women who want to become pregnant. “We cannot let this special period of life becomes something painful. Sexual intercourse to have a son is supposed to be a special moment and the consecration of a Union … The couple should enjoy and enjoy this moment and not do it out of obligation. The tactics for this are various, but can we try to summarize them as romanticism, good humor and love “, concludes the gynecologist.

How To Know If You’re Ready To Have A Baby?

TAMU Titon points out that, first, the woman must be aware that you will learn a lot in practice. “I believe that the most important thing would be to prepare the body, emotions, mind and spirit to gestate and receive the new being. The woman prepared to pursue motherhood, will feel the call, you will wish you deeply. Your intuition will naturally touch on, your body will naturally be ready to receive the soul and gestate, “he says.

Another important point, according to the professional, is the woman be getting emotional support and family Companion. “The man can play a key role in the sense of offering emotional support for women, know that at that moment she will need to devote himself fully to his son. I think this conversation between the couple is fundamental, “he adds.

The idea is that all of these tips serve to convey more security to women who wish to become pregnant. If you are one of them, remember: you might not get pregnant on the first try, but keeping calm, counting on the support of your partner and their families, and following all the guidelines passed by your doctor, you probably will accomplish soon the dream of having a baby!