4 Tips to Improve Ventilation in a Room

The logic is not complicated: better ventilation of the house offer more enjoyable property.  This statement is more than real. When build or renovate a home, people tend to take more into account aspects related to aesthetics, the topography of the terrain and location, while just neglecting other equally important factors, and the ventilation of rooms.

When focus is not on this factor, the probability of ending up with a sultry, hot and uncomfortable house is great. Even the service area, which should be an airy, cool and well-ventilated environment, is becoming increasingly hot. But the good news is that, by adopting some super simple measures, it is fully possible to improve the ventilation of this part of the house. Check it:

1) Identify the reasons for muffling

There are several reasons that can lead an environment of any home to be warmer than ideal. And to find the right solution to the problem is simply indispensable to discover these reasons, developing a complete diagnosis of the disorder. It may, for example, be the type of roof used in the construction, the position of the room in relation to the sun, the window size, the lack of internal ventilation or even a very large balcony, which turns blocking the air inlet at home.

2) Invest in larger windows

If you stop to observe, most service areas – especially the most modern apartments – have small windows in the pivot model, which are usually super practical and affordable. The problem is that when these windows are too small, ventilation just limited. To prevent this from happening and optimize air circulation in the room, just invest in frames slightly larger and can be up to the same standard.

3) Abuse of power exhausts fans

If the kitchen and the service area of ​​your home are integrated, you can not give up installing a good exhaust. In addition to making the most pleasant and cool environment, this equipment minimizes the frying smell and smoke can permeate the extended clothes in the area.  Mechanically renew of the air space increases the thermal comfort of the residents, which costs nothing to try.

4) Bet on a cross-ventilation design

One of the best ways to promote air circulation in your service area is to adopt the cross ventilation. This type of method is the positioning of the openings – in the case of windows – the house following the direction of the prevailing wind. Thus, air can enter through a window and out another opposite immediately, which ensures the constant renewal of air in the space.

Now you probably can get a better sense of the air circulation problem of its service area, visit our sections of windows and exhaust fans and already find the ideal solution for your home!

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