30 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Pregnant Woman

Questions and seemingly innocent comments can create situations of discomfort

While many women suffer from criticism for not wanting to get pregnant, others become target of judgments and prejudices during the pregnancy period. Comments and questions for you, may seem innocent and simple expressions of curiosity, can make the woman feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or offended.

Even well-intentioned comments can turn into a negative experience for pregnant women. Fatima today, mother of two girls, still recalls with sorrow of some lines I heard during your first pregnancy, complicated by the discovery of a fibroid in the uterus.

“The worst feeling in the world was listening to people saying they expected my daughter to be born normal,” says Fatima. Going through it for the first time and already worried about the health of the baby due to complications in pregnancy, these comments to let even more restless and stressed – the opposite of the medical recommendations, which were rest and tranquility. The child was born with good health and the second pregnancy went without any particular complexity, but these moments are still strong brands in memory of his mother.

Pregnancy can be a wonderful stage and you can also collaborate with it. Check out our list some comments and questions that can be unpleasant and should be avoided.

  1. “Was Planned?”

The answer to that question has nothing to do with how the expectant mother’s feeling about the pregnancy. After all, an unplanned pregnancy can bring so much happiness as one that has been expected for a long time.

  1. “Can I Touch Your Belly?”

Although some women don’t mind, others can be very uncomfortable with other people touching your belly. Each knows how to feel better about his own body and, if the pregnant want to split a movement of the baby with you, she will make the invitation.

  1. “Are You Sure You Are Not Twins?”

Each type of body reacts in a way to pregnancy. Ask if the woman is right about the amount of babies that is generating suggests that you think she’s too big for a single baby.

  1. “Do You Know Who Is The Father?”

Regardless of the answer, this is an embarrassing question. The marital status of the pregnant women hardly matters, questions about paternity are intrusive and can be offensive.

  1. “Another Child?You Guts! “

While you can find a brave act to have more than one child, others can dream with three, five, ten. Ideal for you isn’t ideal for everyone and respect is always necessary.

  1. “You’re Not Too Old To Have A Baby?”

The right time to get pregnant pregnant is concerned. You do not know the reasons that led to getting pregnant at that time and, whatever the reason, this type of question can leave you uncomfortable and worried about your health and the health of the baby.

  1. “You Don’t Think It’s Too Early To Get Pregnant Again?”

Mothers who become pregnant shortly after the birth of a child can be the subject of questions like this. The interval between the birth of children is something personal and questioning if the pregnancy came at a good time or not only will cause embarrassment.

  1. “Are You Sure This Is What You Want?”

If the woman is completely happy with the pregnancy or if you’re anxious and full of doubts, no matter: to question if she is sure that the pregnancy is the best thing for her only creates an unpleasant feeling of judgment.

  1. “Enjoy Now Because After Leaving The Belly Will Be Worse!”

Raising a child is hard work and requires dedication, but that doesn’t mean in any way that life after the birth of the baby go become “worse”.

  1. “I Hope The Baby Is Normal.”

There’s nothing wrong with hope the baby is healthy. But, depending on how you say it, it might seem that there is some specific reason for that health is questionable or that the child will be less welcome case not to be born healthy.

  1. “How Did Your Parents React?”

Ask about the reaction of the parents – or anyone else – opens the door for the woman interpreter that they had some reason not to be happy or satisfied with the pregnancy.

  1. “Do A Cesarean Section, Is Much Easier.”

The delivery is something extremely personal and must be choice of pregnant women. At the same time that a c-section was the best for you, may not be the best for her. Besides, going through a surgery is not easy.

  1. “You’re So Small, The Delivery Will Be Terrible.”

Comments like that can end up leaving pregnant women even more worried about the time of delivery and may end up discouraging her choice. Remember that childbirth is personal, that each case is different and that the experience of the woman can be wonderful-and that comments like that don’t cooperate on anything for that.

  1. “Will Ruin Your Life.”

Never assume the posture that a son will make the woman feel obligated to completely abandon your way of life and the changes to come won’t make you happy.

  1. “You Got Pregnant Before Or After The Wedding?”

Pregnant recém-casadas can attract many interested in the date of conception of the child. Before causing embarrassment, ask yourself: does it really matter? After all, this is a private matter and ask sounds like intrusion.

  1. “But You’ll Breastfeed?”

It’s nothing nice make the woman feel that the choice about how you will feed your son is less worthy than any other.

  1. “You Had A Beautiful Body.”

Say that the woman will lose the beautiful body on account of pregnancy is a problematic attitude.Firstly, the physical form may not be her priority. In addition, many women recover the same way they had before pregnancy; and don’t get it doesn’t mean that the body will cease to be beautiful.

  1. “You’re Going To Continue Working After The Baby Is Born?”

Don’t make assumptions. While for some women is unthinkable to leave work after the birth of a child, it’s unimaginable leave son and go back to work. The decision to leave his own wife.

  1. “You Really Want To Do This Alone?”

Raising a child alone is entirely possible and questioning that can pass the feeling that you don’t consider the expectant mother would, creating or increasing even more doubts and worries that she may have about yourself.

  1. “I Hope A Girl Now!”

Hope for the baby’s sex based on other children can generate unpleasant situations. The fact of the person having a boy, for example, doesn’t mean that she will want the next baby to be a girl “for the couple”, or another boy “for company to the first”. Furthermore, comments like this can give the impression that the child will be less sweet if not meeting the expectations.

  1. “Finally!”

If you think a woman was taking too long to get pregnant and “finally” got there, remember that the moment she is concerned. If she had trouble getting pregnant or decided that that was the moment she’d be ready for that – what matters is that the time is private.

  1. “You Can’t Eat That!”

Generally, the pregnant woman already knows well what she can or can’t eat and drink during pregnancy. Play food police is unpleasant and may not correspond to the reality.

  1. “Just The Good Life, Huh?”

Who said that life with children cannot be good? A child does not necessarily eliminate the existence of tranquillity or social and professional life. Besides, devote himself exclusively to children is no guarantee of a life that is not good.

  1. “You Want To Have More Children?”

Not everyone has a clear plan that hopes to have children or have enough certainty to answer questions like that. Questioning the woman about future children can make her feel pressed.

  1. “You’re Going To Eat All That?”

Only the very pregnant woman knows how’s your appetite and how much she’s willing to eat at that time. Pointing out that she’s eating bit may cause her to worry even more with the baby’s health, which may be very far from reality.

  1. “You’re Going To Eat All That?”

Likewise, it is impolite to point out that the pregnant woman is eating more than necessary. Remarks like these will make you look like a vigilante.

  1. “Like You’re Fresh!”

Every woman knows of your concerns, and health habits to feel safe during pregnancy. Therefore, it is not nice to consider some of the maternity care as freshness.

  1. “You’re Going Out With That Outfit?”

Nothing to judge the woman for his fashion choices during pregnancy. Short, tight clothes, larguinhas, with or without cleavage, which highlight or hide the belly … the woman is free to wear whatever makes you most comfortable.

  1. “Where Did You Get That Name?”

The choice of name is an important part and especially for pregnant women. So, the choice is usually a name which she likes or that have a special significance and criticize the choice can create an atmosphere well boring.

  1. “This Is The Last One, Right?”

Once again, remember that the number of children considered ideal for you is not always the same for other people. Make the expectant mother understand that you think she already has kids too much and it’s time to stop is nothing nice.

Always remember that there are several aspects of pregnancy that are extremely personal and relate only to the pregnant woman and, although some like to share their experiences, others are more reserved. The general rule is to respect the particularities of each one and keep in mind that you may not be the best for another.